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Formentera, the aroma of the sea, the green of the forests of Savina and the wild thickets. The blinding sun, reflecting on the water, the footprints on the sand that the water makes disappear and the heat of the sun on the skin. Tanned, a warm body comes out of the water, a refreshing kiss, which becomes sweeter when the bergamot fades to reveal its jasmine heart. And it gets in the shade under the wooded notes of cedar and the elegance of musk.

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Hedione, Neroli water, Sicilian bergamot, Cascalone
Heart notes: Orange blossom, Atlas cedar, Sea salt, Paradisone
Base notes: Cedarwood, Heliotrope, Musk

Perfumer: Olivier Cresp
Year of Release: 2018

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Beso Beach Pefumes. From Kiss to Kiss. When we think of paradise we think of freedom. In that feeling of air on the face and perpetual smile. Freedom is given to you by movement. Movement and happiness go hand in hand.

Kiss (Beso) invites you to mobilize and be afloat. Release your most adventurous part and go to the sea from Kiss to Kiss. Pirate life is the best life.

Olivier Cresp

Perfumer of Bendito Beso.


Annick Menardo

Perfumer of Beso Canalla.


Christophe Raynard

Perfumer of Beso Negro.

Coming soon.