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E. Coudray began in the early 19th century, during the sporadic reign of Louis XVIII, a chemist by the name of Edmond Coudray began to supply perfumes, soaps and creams to royal families. Later on in his career Edmond Coudray firmly held rank in the top 5 greatest perfumers at the time and won awards at the great french exhibitions in 1882.

After passing away, his son-in-law proudly took over the company, maintaining tradition for many decades. Then... World War II began, but thankfully the formulas survived and have now been revived by its current owner Chloe Amouyal and respected perfumers.

Edmond Coudray

And now, formulas revived by:
Evelyne Boulanger
Gerard Anthony
Cecile Zarokian
Henri Bergia
Christophe Raynaud

Making use of his soap grinders at the St-Denis Factory.
Hard working women at the labelling workshop.
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E. Coudray

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