Mystic Treasure

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Fans of oriental niche scents who prefer the hot, spicy modulations of various spices combined with the notes of flowers and wood in a perfume are almost always in search of an ideal composition: one bouquet seems too sweet, another - not warm enough, others may seem excessively sharp or annoying. The perfumer here manages to obtain strikingly beautiful oriental compositions.

“MYSTIC TREASURE” is a sexy and colourful unisex fragrance that has the power to awaken dormant energy in any man or woman. It is cosy, spicy, moderately hot and carries your imagination to an old oriental bazaar, full of spicy aromas of hundreds of sorts. This delicious oriental woody bouquet wears well on your skin in cold weather, warming you from the inside. The composition may be used for both day and night and can be worn in different circumstances. The perfume has a distinctive lasting rich trail and enhances the wearer’s passionate nature. 

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Bergamot, Lotus flower
Heart notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, Praline
Base notes: Tobacco, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Perfumer: Hamid Merati-Kashani
Conception: Paris, France
Year of Release: 2016