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Made in Pigalle


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After travelling around the world, I landed in the heart of Paris. For me, le Marais is where Paris’ heart beats. The narrow streets, hidden mansions behind coach gate entrances, small shops with endless treasures for those in the know, the mix of style and people. I shop, day-dream, get inspired and sing there… I cycle everywhere.

Nina often tells me that I am a real "Maraisienne", an urban creature… So chic! I love it, it makes me smile.

My fragrance?

A green fruity fragrance that takes me away. The elegance of blackcurrant bud, mixed with petals of centifolia rose from Grasse, and precious iris wood. A unique, feminine cocktail bursting with freshness: so me! 

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Cassis, Grapefruit
Heart notes: Rose, White flowers
Base notes: Iris, White musk, Patchouli

Perfumer: Paul Petit
Year of Release: 2017

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Made in Pigalle is inspired by the Parisian way of life, the neighbourhood of Pigalle located in Paris turns a fragrance dream into reality. Individuality of the inhabitants, their surroundings, interior monologues and extracts of intimacy brought to life through not so feminine nor masculine fragrances.

From concept to craftsmanship to the finished product on skin, the brand is proud of its "Made in France" standard. With the perfumes created in Grasse, known as the home of haute perfumery, the brand has been built from a strong foundation.

Each bottle created through an "emotional and olfactory symbiosis"  from their ingredients & accords used to express them to the personalities they were made to represent.

Paul Petit


Born and bred in Paris, Paul Petit has not only created a fragrance house inspired by the Parisian way of life but he lives by it too. Merging his passion for perfumes and the city of lights, Made in Pigalle tells us a story full of emotion and brilliance.

Later in life Paul decides to venture the world, spending 15 years in New York and exploring other cities such as Tokyo, London & Barcelona but returning to his first and only love, Paris.

Seeking the highest standard, Paul insists on a hand assembled process, with each bottle checked one by one to ensure this is achieved. With the expertise of a goldsmith each perfume bottle is made to precision.