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Just follow your nose! You want her, the person of your dreams, whether she is Lea or Leo and your head keeps spinning in circles, cold turkey.

How on earth can you win that creature over...?

L is the fourth and latest attractant from Nasengold and perfumer C P.

The secret this time is luxurious extravagance. First elegantly spray yourself with L - Then sprinkle from the house of your goddess lavishly, some on the tree, on the wall and on the hydrant maybe you could spray a graffiti with it? Be careful with pedestrians! You will embrace lea and leo once they'll have detected your odour trail. Just by your magic and L. They will end up in a whirlpool of bergamot, smoky, jasmine, suede, amber and sandalwood support the ecstasy. They will follow.

The sun should shine straight in your face for once. Then drift off, Nasengold takes good care of you.

Fragrance Pyramid

Head notes: Manderin Orange, Ginger, Elemi, Cardamon, Thyme, Bergamot
Heart notes: Lily of the Valley, Violet, Magnolia, Orange Blossom
Base notes: Vetiver, Suede, Amber, Smoke, Sandalwood, Cedar

Perfumer: Christian Plesch
Conception: Berlin, Germany

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Can a scent be spontaneous, non-confirmist and bursting with zest for life? YES! Hamburg based label Nasengold demonstrates this with the launch of it's first fragrance, #S.

Nasengold began life as an idea, which was taken up as an impulse and developed creativily until it grew to have its own identity.

Different and wanting to stand out from the crowd, Nasengold is direct and unmistakable.


Christian Plesch

Behind Nasengold is Christian Plesch, who discovered his love of perfumery at the end of the nineties, after a small detour into the world of painting.

As a junior perfumer, he moved to Paris, where he developed his first commissioned scents.

Today, he works as a successful, lifestyle perfumer for a fragrance house in Hamburg.

Brand Film

 Credit: Esxense 2016



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