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When Alice Lavenat, a young perfumer working for Jean Niel in Grasse, entered the 2014 French Perfumers Young Perfumer of the Year Competition she had no idea where it was going to lead! The brief was deceptively simple - create a fragrance with blackcurrant buds at its heart. More than 100 young perfumers from 20 countries around the world entered the competition but the judges’ decision was unanimous and at the World Perfumery Congress in Deauville, Alice was awarded this prestigious prize.

Alice’s winning creation opens on refreshing notes of rhubarb, blackcurrant, pink grapefruit and pink pepper. At its heart lies a rich bouquet of peony, subtly blended with orange blossom absolute and Turkish rose absolute completed by the delicate fruity notes of blackcurrant absolute. The fragrance is enriched by a base of Haitian vetiver, labdanum and in a nod to Alice’s roots, the woody notes of cognac barrels. “I grew up near Cognac, where my grandfathers were both winemakers, I was surrounded by the smell of grape juice and those of cognac spirits. These scents remain for me my first olfactory emotions and triggered my passion for the world of fragrance”.

Having created the winning fragrance, Alice returned to her work at Jean Niel but there were further accolades in store. One of Jean Niel’s clients, Marie Lise Bischoff creator of the Nejma brand, fell in love with Alice’s creation and decided that she wanted to produce it as a stand-alone scent under the Nejma banner. Marie Lise was determined to bring this talented young perfumer to the fore and the fragrance not only carries Alice’s name but also has her signature on the box.

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Rhubarb, Pink grapefruit, Blackcurrant, Pink pepper
Heart notes: Orange blossom absolute, Peony, Turkish rose absolute, Blackcurrant absolute
Base notes: Labdanum, Vetiver, Woody notes

Perfumer: Alice Lavenat
 Paris, France
Year of Release: 2015

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 Nejma Perfumes | Scent City


Nejma fragrances are based on a captivating story concerning the character Nejma, who represents fate or coincidence & whose name means ‘a good star’ in Arabic. As the story goes, She is captured to be sold as a slave but the man who buys her ends up falling in love with her; he is spellbound by her sweetness and the natural perfume of her body. Their union produced seven daughters, each as beautiful as the last, who were the inspiration behind the seven perfumes in the Heritage Collection

Created by Marie Lise Bischoff, each fragrance is made with diverse ingredients but always has oud as the base.

Marie Lise Bischoff

Marie Lise Bischoff grew up just a few miles from Grasse so it is no surprise that she has fragrance in her soul. It was a trip to the East that inspired her to create the extraordinary Nejma Heritage Collection, an all-encompassing olfactory experience.

Weaving specially blended ingredients from around the world, Marie creates luxurious and captivating symphonies of scent for everyone to enjoy.

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