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Shelley Kyle

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The company evolved "one fragrance at a time" over the years and continues to amaze those who follow the Shelley Kyle wave. The benchmark of this successful product line is its fine quality. Pure and simple, the fragrances are the finest quality and all the products contain a high percentage of fragrance.

Shelly Kyle


Shelley Kyle is among the most talented and innovative leaders in the fragrance industry today. When she began her company, The Shelley Kyle Collection, almost 17 years ago, it was an immediate success.

Shelley Kyle has done it again in this market with the launch of a new fragrance and a new look for the entire product line—custom vessels and boxed packaging. Welcome to the world of Shelley Kyle.

It was inevitable that Shelley's propensity for fragrance would provide an opportunity to make a virtue of necessity. So, it was with her first signature fragrance, Shelley Kyle parfum, that she splashed into the fragrance world.

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The Ultimate Fragrance Destination

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