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Full of fun yet formal, welcoming and warm yet cool as a cucumber . A scent which is youthful and fresh, carrying a sense of high standards. For formal situations and casual settings.

Fragrance Pyramid

Heart notes: Bergamot, Tangerine, Grapefruit
Heart notes: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Rose, Bay Leaf
Base notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Oak Moss, Virginia Cedar, Amber

Perfumer: Fabrice Olivieri
Conception: Paris, France

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Symine Salimpour, author, editor of perfumes, jewelry designer and artistic director of Out Here World, is a young woman with beautiful golden brown eyes that sparkle with passion when she talks about perfumes, fragrances, flavors, scents and humanity.
One must have listened to that she is more than a designer. Perhaps a philosopher perfume. In any case, she can put into words what we "feel" unconsciously without ever having attained.
As a teenager, she already sees more or less consciously as a "nose".
In 1998 Symine comes to Paris to continue studying law at the Sorbonne, where she specialized in human rights.
She obtained his law degree in 2003 and went immediately to the Middle East she dreams of discovering the soul.
She is a great Brazilian jeweler in a luxury hotel. Its direct and daily contact with the people reinforces the idea that it is infinitely more interesting for her to address the artistic way rather than that of the law.

With this idea now ingrained in her, she chose to take action by creating jewelry and original fragrances.She moved to the United States and created the brand Out Here World. This name refers to a restored palace by Maurice Maeterlinck. Suspended between heaven and earth, this place seems boundless. His owner gave him the name of Orlamonde. Dazzled and inspired by this landscape of unreal beauty, Symine Salimpour retains so to baptize his mark "Out Here World."
As a logo, it adorns a compass that guides to new worlds.
Convinced that the scent possesses the secret of seduction, she dreamed.

"A perfume says Symine is exactly like Proust's madeleine. He's mighty power to keep and search the memory and create the most intense emotions. The fragrance soothes. It undermines all resistance, break the walls. It is a bridge, a subtle way to go to meet the other. Like music, it soothes the savage, seeps to the depths of souls. Maybe we could use it in politics or in diplomatic relations, "even Symine said with a mischievous smile ... A perfume proceeds along the nature and culture and probably that's why I'm me interested very early. "

In 2007, Michel Roudnitska Symine Salimpour meeting. She told him of his plan to create a fragrance that evokes Out Here World. A few months later, she managed to convince her to create SHILOH. Shiloh means in the Old Testament "to whom it belongs," can be translated as "the gift." SHILOH comes to Christmas 2007 at Henri Bendel on the prestigious Fifth Avenue in New York. SHILOH then unanimously recognized by the international press as a true masterpiece. With SHILOH, Symine Salimpour and Michel Roudnitska wanted to bring both French refinement and sensuality of the East. The gamble paid off. SHILOH please both in Europe and in the East.

In 2008, Michel Roudnitska presents Symine Fabrice Olivieri. It creates for World Out There LADY SHILOH released in 2009 and knows the same success as SHILOH.
Meanwhile, Symine met Gao Yun, a Chinese girl who two years later became his partner. She leads the sales management and brings a new energy to the brand.
A new collaboration between Symine Salimpour and Fabrice Olivieri gave birth in 2011 SHILOH X. The third fragrance that closed the first trilogy of the brand.

Fabrice Olivieri

Fabrice Olivieri is a creator of perfumes.

Don’t ask him if he’s a “nose”, because he will say that he’s also a brain… that the things he creates are just as spiritual as they are physical.

He goes about preparing each brief as though it were an olfactive signature − so the alchemy will work its magic between the perfume, the brand and the person or place it is destined for. His warhorse is totally integrated harmony.

Creation in the world of perfume is infinite, but the most interesting of all are found off the beaten track in places that no one thought of before. Highly original but not always along the lines of conventional perfumery.

”Perfume is an industry for sure, but it’s also an art!”



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