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Ryder is an intoxicating mix of rare premium notes blended with skill and exquisite attention to detail. Sweet, smoky, and luxuriously rich. Ryder makes use of ultra rare Omani frankincense to give the scent a real sense of opulence, evocative of the golden age of London's most exclusive private members clubs.

Fragrance Pyramid

Head notes: Sweet Pipe Tobacco, Boozy notes
Heart notes: Jasmine, Amber, Resins
Base notes: Dark woods, Frankincense, Vanilla

Perfumer: Matthew Zhuk
Conception: London, UK
Year of Release: July 2015

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Ex Idolo was founded in Mayfair, London in 2013 by Matthew and Tanya Zhuk. The core concept is showcasing rare and precious materials within sympathetic compositions. Their careful sourcing of the world’s finest and rarest aroma materials transforms each bottle into a portal offering a glimpse into an elusive and secret world. Their style is rather not to be predictable, but to tell each olfactive story individually, and faithfully.
Ex Idolo offers a truly artisan experience that reflects the traditions of classical perfumery, using rare natural materials, hand packaging and small batch quality control.

Matthew Zhuk

Matthew Zhuk is the nose behind Ex Idolo perfumes. Bringing innovation but also paying homage to classic methods. Each fragrance hand-bottled in Mayfair, London.

Creative Director, Tanya Zhuk used inspiration gained from the narrative of May Cole & Thomas Howard's great escape to create poems and develop illustrations for Lucid Dream and Love & Crime. Her expressiveness give the fragrances multi-dimensional representation.



Must hide my armour in sweet secret,
high time to use tradition as a vice
Night grows large, heart braves the fear
that’s made of bars and slate
I know they won’t like such caper,
but those with me would make a state
And if I had to I would get down to the nitty gritty
not just this once but twice, and thrice


When the snow melts and winter ends
For joy and fun,
All the while I roam and run,
My bushy tail catches scents

Of woods and berries, and sweet rose...
Then at night,
When the sun gives way to the moon’s light
I wrap my tail to hide my nose...

I fall asleep and as I dream
I look around, suddenly I seem...

To have two wings and start to fly
Along with the wind, towards the sky
In my dream, I’m a butterfly

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