Azure Haze

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Warmth, peacefulness and that special feeling that tells you that everything is going well create the sensation of happiness. This is something you feel at an exotic seaside on a leisurely dreamy summer morning. It promises a sunny day filled with scent of flowering gardens and of tree bark still damp from the night, of the sea and of spicy coastal herbs. Inspired by this vision, the perfumer Harry Fremont created the “AZURE HAZE” perfume for M.INT. It belongs to the family of woody floral spicy fragrances.

Described by the perfumer as an enveloping and warm perfume for men that can behave differently on your skin. It is a multi-layer perfume and what really strikes is not so much the individual notes - despite each of them being unique - but the overall harmony of the composition. An aristocratic fragrance, warming, but with certain fresh sparkles, moderately harsh and spicily bitter.

The perfect choice for any time of year, but it is particularly in summer and in the off-season that it fully reveals its charm. Its character is audacious and confident, yet light and floaty. It highlights the delicacy of nature and good taste. “AZURE HAZE” will appeal not only to men who choose woody floral fragrances, but also to women who prefer expressive unisex fragrances with no distinctly sweet undertones. 

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Mandarin, Guava, Coriander leaves
Heart notes: Saffron, Mate, Thyme
Base notes: Suede, Oakmoss, Musk

Perfumer: Harry Fremon
Conception: Paris, France
Year of Release: 2016