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Crop 2016



Every year, a selection of the finest quality of Oud is set aside as a record of the season that generated it, it is from this selection that the CROP Collection, a tribute to the purest Oud, is made. The CROP Collection fragrances are 100% natural and are created by distilling a blend of ingredients of the highest quality. It is important to stress that these pieces are exclusive and limited in number: their quantities are dictated by the amount of Oud available in the batch.

The House of Oud 2016 collection is enriched by a unique product, selected and numbered in a limited edition: there are only 250 bottles of CROP, each with its own certificate of guarantee that sets the seal on the fruit of the previous year’s finest raw materials harvest. An unexpected contrast like a shiver of pleasure. This fragrance strikes with the intense freshness of mint which is enveloping warmth of the oud and the most precious sandalwood.

Perfume Notes:

Tea, Sandalwood, Mint, Agarwood

Perfumer: Andrea Casotti
 Milan, Italy
Year of Release: 2016

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The House of Oud is the story of a friendship between an Italian master perfumer and an oud aficionado from Jakarta, a friendship born of a shared passion for art, perfume and travel along with a deep appreciation of beauty.

The House of Oud uses only the highest quality raw materials and the oud, which is found in every fragrance in the collection, is sourced from across the world. Oud never dominates but is used to create a bridge between the other ingredients, resulting in richly nuanced and completely addictive collections.

Designed to fit in the palm of the hand, the fragrance bottle is reminiscent of a smooth stone. The unique lacquering technique means that no two bottles are the same and the top-down design allows the beauty of these highly individual fragrances to be fully appreciated..

Andrea Cosotti

Mohammed Nashi

Credit: YouTube 

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