Lost in Translation

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Maison Matine


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Inspired by the phrase ‘this is the first day of the rest of your life’ Lost in Translation opens with bright accords intermingling with violet leaves and the intense freshness of juniper. Our leap into the unknown continues as warm rosewood and spicy black pepper softened by white tea creates a truly inspiring blend. Always enthusiastic and daring to try new ideas this contemporary composition takes another turn introducing rich patchouli, deep drywood, and tobacco which blend into luxurious leather and cloudy musk’s.

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Clean accords, Violet leaves, Juniper
Heart notes: Rosewood, Black pepper, White tea
Base notes: Patchouli, Drywood, Tobacco, Leather, Cloudy musks

Perfumer: Laurent Marrone
Paris, France
Year of Release: 2021

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Maison Matine. Creative, quirky, and considerate. Maison Matine is not merely a perfume brand but a style of life; for those who don’t take life too seriously, who are fuelled by curiosity, and are mindful of sustainability.

Born in Pairs in 2016, the brand is distinctly French, but with a cheeky and cosmopolitan twist. “Matine” is a fusion of the French words mutine (rebellion) and matin, (morning) - paying homage to the brands philosophy of being daring every day. Despite its Parisian home, Maison Matine is nomadic, with its inspiration coming from “Beyond Paris’, with global collaboration being at the heart of their creative process.

Proudly identified as “a rebel with a cause”, Maison Matine embodies sustainability and social responsibility and proudly donates a proportion of the profits from every unit sold towards a variety of different causes. Warm-hearted, witty and free-spirited, Maison Matine presents a fragrance collection which represents our modern and evolving world; with a guarantee to bring a smile to your face.

Rémi Barbier

Perfumer of Poom Poom.


Laurent Marrone

Perfumer of Lost in Translation.


Philippine Courtière

Perfumer of Nature Insolente, Bain de Midi & Avant l’Orage.


Elise Benat

Perfumer of Warni Warni.


Adilson Rato

Perfumer of Into the Wild.


Christian Vermorel

Perfumer of Esprit de Contradiction.


Ane Ayo & Fabrice Pellegrin

Perfumers of Hasard Bazar.

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