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Herve Gambs

Noir de Cassis Room Spray

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Satisfy your senses with this Noir de Cassis room spray from Herve Gambs.

Comfortably add the fragrance of blackcurrants to your interior. 

Sweet and woody, this home spray is brilliant for spraying onto Herve Gambs artificial flowers to bring beautiful scents to any room in the house.


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Hervé Gambs creations draw an intimate geography in the world of interesting scents. A dose of sophistication and a touch of extravagance, a subtle excess of style for an original design of contemporary perfumery.On the body as well as in the house, its innovative fragrances are made for neo-dandies, both male and female, who cultivate a passion for the extraordinary. These awesome men, these wonderful women, who require a unique olfactive signature, the luxury of excellence and the expertise of the rare. Sumptuous, Hervé Gambs juices turn Nature into exciting sensations and strong emotions. Manifesto for an Art of French Sophistication.

Herve Gambs

For over twenty years, Hervé Gambs interior designer and set designer will imagine sensory experiences for the ones in love with non conventional luxury. From scented flowers and scented candles to Couture perfumes and Intense colognes, this creative mind never stops expanding his mediums of expression while at the same time coming back to the Art of Perfumery in its most classical way.He writes the chapters of an ardent story composing perfumes which smells sublimate body and home.He was the one who initiated vegetal design, he is now reinventing Nature with tasteful use of quality materials. The exotic delights nourish the imagination of this eternal traveller.


Herve Gambs at Esxence 2016

Credit: Esxence 2016

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