Objet Celeste

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Volnay Parfums Paris

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A very modern fragrance with "electrical" chords of patchouli. It takes you away into a constellation of emotions. This is a light and sensual Cyprus, almond floral - stylish and refined, with beautiful oriental vibrations that emerge as if by magic. 

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Bergamot, Clary Sage, Grapefruit
Heart notes: Jasmine, Peony
Base notes: Almond, Patchouli, Musk, Rose, Cloves, Vanilla

Perfumer: Amelie Bourgeois
Conception: Paris, France

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Unknowingly, Germaine Madeline Duval was the founder of a dynasty of passionate perfumers. Today they are her great-grandchildren, Muriel and Madeline Olivier, who are bringing back to life Volnay perfumes. They reinterpret the original essences, which were carefully preserved at the International Conservatory of Perfumes, the Osmothèque in Versailles. With their “nose”, Amelie Bourgeois, they remain true to the original fragrance while modernizing it and by the declining five accords that cater to the modern and sophisticated woman and man who gives depth to their life and their choices.

Volnay is part of the world of luxury and tradition, not the trendy and the transient.


Amelie Bourgeois


Yapana (created in 1922), Brume d'Hiver (1922), Etoile d'Or (1925), and Perlerette (1925) have been entrusted to Amelie Bourgeois, their perfumer, who has kept the refinement of these fragrances of yesteryear while sublimating them with delicacy and subtlety. This journey through time has allowed her to discover forgotten raw materials; those of a perfumery of intuition, sensitivity, creation.

The original, precious formulas granted her many secrets which we are happy to share today. Volnay perfumes all have an olfactory link, the base 4092 which is the starting point of each creation. A powdery, rose, vanilla and clove base is the signature of the Volnay House.

Beyond the discovery of rare and precious fragrances, Amelie was able to bring to each perfume her creativity and bestow a timeless elegance. Taking inspiration from Etoile d'Or, Amélie created the most modern of our perfumes, Objet Céleste (2013).

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Credit: Esxence 2014