• Opera Collection Samples Set
  • Opera Collection Samples Set
  • Opera Collection Samples Set

Histoires de Parfums

Opera Collection Samples Set



The exceptional, captivating, stunning, passionate charming and irresistible women who inspired Histoires de Parfums’ portraits of five divas and five sublime fragrances.
1831, 1875, 1890, 1904, 1926.

Some scents like some melodies still lead in the air, intangible and yet unforgettable. Music and perfume operate with the same dazzling dynamic, they travel their notes in an ephemeral and intangible space. Beyond this analogy, Histoires de Parfums wanted to enrich his library. After the great figures of literature, this collection brings the music to enrich our repertoire.

Samples arrive in 4ml vials with a complimentary book to explore these fragrances.

The Deluxe version set includes the Brand Discovery box with extra goodies to make your journey of scent discovery even more memorable! A truly thoughtful gift. 

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    An olfactive library that is telling stories about famous characters, raw materials and mythical years.

    Histoires de Parfums’ perfumes perpetuate the French perfumery know-how, which features are luxury, nobility and creativity. Histoires de Parfums maintains the highest qualitative standards in the choice of the raw materials as well as in the choice of the bottles, packaging and communication tools.

    Gérald Ghislain

    Gérald Ghislain wrote his own story with the frantic rhythm of a passionate jack of all trades. An epicurean, he tastes all of life’s savors, sprinkling his daily life with refined luxury. He gives his all to his projects. Insatiable wonderer, he listens, reads and discovers, drawing inspiration from his trips and encounters. Gerald is impulsive and fully committed to his projects.
    Perfumery is an old dream of his. Following a solid training at ISIPCA, Gerald founded Histoires de Parfums in 2000 and created a collection of twelve rare and delicate perfumes: these perfumes like him are rich in temperament and so, so romantic!


    Esxence 2017 | Histoires de Parfums

    Credit: Esxence 2017

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