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Revolutionising the world of smell, pushing boundaries of conventional perfumery. Alone a masterpiece of technique, but its full potential triggered by ten drops of one's own pee, to become unique. A pure emotional footprint. 

Fragrance Facts

Head Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Tobacco, Lichens
Heart Notes: Mandarine, Bitter Orange, Pink Pepper, Amber
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Tonka Bean

Perfumer: Angelo Orazio Pregoni
Conception: Italy

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The O’DRIU philosophy is simple: high quality, original products, made to create intense emotions, produced in limited series to be rare and identify their customers.

Starting from ancient recipes, Angelo Orazio Pregoni – the perfume creator – designed intensely emotional fragrances that are truly alive and that create a unique, continuously changing, personal aura.

The O’DRIU uniqueness stemmed from an alchemy of:
– First quality essences, from the world’s most renowned producers;
– First quality alcohol, to exalt fragrances without any chemical shadow; a slow manufacture, based on natural exchange, that creates a rich original bouquet of smells;
– High-status brand identity, reflecting the Italian style;
– A really precious product, available only in a few of the most exclusive Retailers.

Angelo Orazio Pregoni


Little is known about Angelo Orazio Pregoni, but his impact in the short time he has been in the fragrance world is undeniable. Presumably self-taught, he burst onto the scene at the 2011 Pitti Fragranze show with his brash, abstract, and utterly arresting compositions. Pregoni is an iconoclast, bringing a wild, nonconformist artiste's sensibility to his creations, which are often done with relative spontaniety. With the launch of his O'driu brand, we can truly say he''s not like anyone else out there.