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Sandalwood Neroli perfume is an invitation to a world full of sensual experiences. Its heart is sandalwood, the strength of which stimulates intense jasmine notes. This subtlety, however, is only a game of appearances. The nature and intensity of the composition are hidden in the tempting accents of cedarwood and bitter orange. The magnetic scent perfectly emphasizes the intimate moments in which the physical attraction and spiritual rapture unconsciously fight the inner struggle and create our existence.

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Bergamot, Neroli
Heart notes: Jasmine, Smoky notes
Base notes: Musk (synthetic), Sandalwood, Cedarwood

Perfumer: Gérard Anthony
Year of Release: 2016

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Bohoboco Perfume


Bohoboco Perfume is a collection of unique luxurious fragrances that are an outcome of the dreams of two charismatic fashion designers, Kamil Owczarek and Michał Gilbert Lach. Bohoboco is an established Polish fashion brand created to dress powerful women throughout the day. It is known for its great craftsmanship combined with a minimalistic and modern style. A natural next step in the brand’s life was to expand into the fascinating world of scents.

In 2014 the first fragrance was created - a modern perfume which combines two contrasting notes of vanilla and pepper. It became the base of a whole collection in 2016, inspired by contradictory ingredients which elaborate on emotions and the experience of tasting sophisticated cuisine. The designers decided to travel to Grasse, in the south of France, to collaborate with one of the best Noses in the world, Gerard Anthony.

Fragrances vegan, cruelty-free & dermatologically tested. 

Gérard Anthony

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