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Rose Arabia

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A chypre floral inspired by the city of Ta'if in Saudi Arabia, famously known as "the city of roses". Soft and unoffensive, the scent is a must try for curious minds. A flirtatious and alluring fragrance that leaves you wanting more. 

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Bergamot, Mandarin
Heart notes: Taif rose, Ylang Ylang, Bulgarian rose
Base notes: Agarwood, Patchouli, Saffron, Praline, Vanilla, Ambergris

Conception: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Year of Release: 2019

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A concept created by Aj Arabia who are now formally known as Widian. At present the Rose Arabia collection consists of 3 unique scents which at their heart adopt the grace and charm of the rose.

Each scent in the collection finely balance some of the worlds most precious ingredients, individually mixing classic traditional practices whilst also adopting innovative ideas.

A truly inspiring group of scents, enchantment that must be experienced by perfume enthusiasts of all forms.

All 3 fragrances have been produced by the talented perfumers at Widian.

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