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Wid evokes the fresh and fruity stirrings of romantic love; the excitement of your first meaningful glance; the thrill and anticipation of your first encounter. Warm and enduring cedarwood, musk and amber calm and soothe your senses. Mid notes of Mango, jasmine and Mangolia rose scent create a rare blend of fruity and floral. Fascinating melon and orange drive the feelings to their peak.

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Orange, Melon
Heart notes: Jasmine, Mango, Magnolia, Rose
Base notes: Cedarwood, Amber, Musk

Perfumer: Chris Maurice
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Year of Release: 2019

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Jazeel Perfumes. A rare confluence of tradition and modernity, they evoke your aristocracy and sheer richness of spirit. Your heart and soul soar on the fragrance of well-being, your entire being floats out of this world on a journey into the limelight. Your self-esteem blossoms, your thoughts, and actions evolve to a higher plane, you harmonize with nature, and you view love in an entirely new light!

Jazeel Fragrance House became the creators of luxury scent, offering only the most unique fragrances that every man and woman of discernment and sophistication would covet. Made with the highest quality, natural and rare spices and other fine essences personally sourced by Ali Alzaabi from the Far East and across the world, they are of consistently superior quality and leave an unforgettable impression. Ali, along with his extremely talented research team, is continually working to develop new sensual fragrance blends, to spread love through the world.

Ali Alzaabi

Jazeel Perfumes is a house of luxury fragrances founded in 2018 by perfumer Ali Alzaabi. His deep emotional connection with perfumes from early in life, made him want to fulfil the need for exclusive and genuine oriental perfumes that would appeal to both men and women alike.

Ali’s went on a passionate odyssey, to create his exquisite “Love Collection” of oriental perfumes. Poet Nizar Qabbani’s thoughts inspired Ali through his famous works such as: My lover asked me: “What’s the difference between the sky and me?” I replied, “the difference, my love, when you smile, I forget about the sky”.

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