Posted on May 06 2016


Carefully selected, handcrafted niche perfumes

There is now a solution for a personal gift made in scented heaven. A new and innovative e-commerce brand which enables customers to identify some of their personality traits and match them with the perfect fragrance.

Scent City have identified a growing demand for niche perfumes that reflect the individuality of consumers and aim to deliver a service that takes the frustration out of the shopping experience.



While many conventional retail perfume stores on the market provide much of the same types of fragrances, Scent City offer distinctive scents individually selected from all over the globe and presented in beautifully crafted bottles.


The brand’s unique concept of “The Urbanites” personifies scents in several characters providing a more engaging and interactive process of selecting a scent that is unique to the consumer.


 "With delight, we received a very special delivery from Scent City. The packaging all clearly made with precision & love. The passion behind Scent City is something us girls can relate too - after all, Verity & Violet is based on an idea, a vision, all mixed together with lots of determination, passion & love.

A unique idea - matching scents to your personality & mood. We aren't so keen on perfumes that are too sweet, so after Scent City had got to know a little about us, we were sent two delicious scents. A scent from the Classic Collection - subtle, not too over powering, a bit musky. A scent that got us excited for the Autumnal adventures ahead of us. A scent from the Sophiticated Collection - a little sweeter, a little lighter. Refreshing!" - Loui Batley & Jessica Dolman (Verity & Violet)


“The Urbanites” are people and they provide stimulating and inclusive friendly way to shopping for fragrance. The whole process is a journey for people to experience. We give fragrances a personality and soul in the form of “The Urbanites”.






Scent City also offer a selection of luxury interior fragrances sold within “The Scented Room” range, the aromas promise to transform surroundings to a place where scents and style combine.



“We strongly believe in the philosophy that a home should reflect its owner.
A creation of style, atmosphere and a space of harmony. “– Scent City



Scent City offers highly sought after perfume for women and men of all ages, allowing each consumer to wear scents that are as unique and individual as they are.



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