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Welcome to our Press & Media Page. Here you will find mentions of certain fragrances available from Scent City. - September 2021
Featuring Sagaponack Diffuser - The Hamptons by Eight & Bob



Paulina Schar - June 2021
Featuring Lucid Dream by Ex Idolo



Notes of Scent - July 2020
Featuring the Ms Romance Discovery Set by Scent City



Karina Waldron - April 2020
Featuring Elise by Rance 1795 

 - February 2020
Featuring the Violet Fragrance Balm by Feret Parfumuer 



Charlotte Holdcroft - February 2020
Featuring the Ms Romance Discovery Set by Scent City




 JC - September 2019
Featuring Cuir Tabac by David Jourquin




featuring Josephine by Rance 1795



FRAGMENTAL-  Top 10 Spring Fragrances - April 2019
featuring Cuir Manderine by David Jourquin




GQ-MAG.CO.UK - April 2019
Best Orris Fragrances for Men



Love to Smell - 3rd June 2016 featuring the Opera Collection Samples Kit 

"A unique idea - matching scents to your personality & mood. We aren't so keen on perfumes that are too sweet, so after Scent City had got to know a little about us, we were sent two delicious scents. A scent from the Classic Collection - subtle, not too over powering, a bit musky. A scent that got us excited for the Autumnal adventures ahead of us. A scent from the Sophiticated Collection - a little sweeter, a little lighter. Refreshing!" - Loui Batley & Jessica Dolman (Verity & Violet)