• Bohoboco

    Inspired by contradictory ingredients which elaborate on emotions.

  • Carner Barcelona

    A brand that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Barcelona. Each perfume a signature, genuine and full of character.

  • Jacques Fath

    Creating perfumes since 1945. The spirit of Jacques Fath is captured today within the Fath’s Essentials Collection.

  • Beso Beach

    When we think of paradise we think of freedom. In that feeling of air on the face and a perpetual smile.

  • Eight & Bob

    One of the world's most exclusive fragrances since 1934


We have embarked on a quest around the world to present unique, supremely crafted and methodically composed perfumes to you.  Bring home history, passion, art and creativity without leaving your seat. The utilisation of high quality ingredients in the composition of fragrances needs to be revived to bring a market change to the fundamentals of perfumery. The niche perfumes follow a strict guideline of principles, with the composition of ingredients being subject to the highest standards of manufacturing. Have you ever smelt a scent on someone that truly intrigued you and flirted with your brain for the whole day? It's almost certain this was a niche perfume. Scent City plan to bring that excitement back, the true essence of fragrance aimed at our generation.


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The Scented Room

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