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Extrait de Parfum.

The vital force of water, as defined by its continuous flow, meets the passion of those who love perfume and have elected the sense of smell as an essential life choice.

Olfattology is a brand born in Italy.

In 2015 they launched their first niche perfume collection, now, they embark on a new chapter. A creative line debuts in the year 2021 and is on course to bring a fresh dimension to the world of fragrance.

Coming soon!


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Olfattology Discovery Set Olfattology
From £30.00 - £40.00
Evros Olfattology
From £8.00 - £130.00
Hotan Olfattology
From £8.00 - £130.00
Juruá Olfattology
Tekapo Olfattology
From £8.00 - £130.00
Yosemite Olfattology
Zambesi Olfattology
From £8.00 - £130.00