Our Journey

We have embarked on a quest around the world to present unique, supremely crafted and methodically composed perfumes to you. 
Bring home history, passion, art and creativity without leaving your seat.   
The utilisation of high quality ingredients in the composition of perfumes needs to be revived to bring a market change to the fundamentals of perfumery. The niche perfumes follow a strict guideline of principles, with the composition of ingredients being subject to the highest standards of manufacturing.
Have you ever smelt a scent on someone that truly intrigued you and flirted with your brain for the whole day? It's almost certain this was a niche perfume. Scent City plan to bring that excitement back, the true essence of fragrances aimed at our generation.
The concept of "The Urbanites" is based on the need to improve and enhance the customer's experience when shopping for fragrances. 
We seek to harken back to the times when scent was a much more tailored experience. Each of the perfumes have been hand-selected in order to showcase the best that the world has to offer, meaning that each one contains the highest quality ingredients for that special olfactory allure.
Dividing these perfumes into categories which reflect modern personalities, Scent City have created a series of collections called The Urbanites for those who wish to accentuate their sophistication or encourage their seductive sides using the indomitable power of scent. Split into eleven different categories that cover both men and women, The Urbanite collections are categorized into personalities that contain similar headnotes and flourishes, making that difficult decision of choosing a scent that suits your style a considerably easier and more pleasant task.
It's been said that you can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.
This is Scent City and our journey continues...