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In the summer of 2012 Serge and Helen Mints were sitting in a cosy café on Promenade de la Croisette in the heart of the French Riviera watching the sun disappear on the horizon above the sparkling azure surface of the sea. The air was filled with passion and the view was deeply moving. A faint gourmand aroma was entwined with the sweet smell of tropical plants and a subtle Mediterranean breeze. This unique moment inspired the two so much that they decided to transform it into a magnificent fragrance.

The logo, a winged letter "M", is the first letter of the brand name and stands for creative freedom.

Serge and Helen dream to express their most memorable emotions resulted in creating a whole perfume collection. It took them almost four years to design it in collaboration with the world’s best perfumers, such as Nathalie Lorson, Philippine Courtiere, Marie Salamagne, Fabrice Pellegrin, Hamid Merati-Kashani, Thierry Bessard, Elise Benat, Christian Rostain, Jacques Flori, Daniel Visentin, Harry Fremont, Karine Vinchon and Serge Oliveira

In late 2016 M.INT finally completed the development of a collection of its unique fragrances, each of them with its own signature style. The winning combination of high-class ingredients, cutting-edge technologies and impeccable taste allowed the creators to tune each chord of the magnificent fragrant bouquets making each of them “sound” like a true orchestra awakening wonderful sensations. M.INT products are created for the most demanding clients.

Serge Mints



Serge has always been working in the perfume industry. He founded a company which distributed perfumes. His main responsibility in it was business development. Over the years he accumulated priceless experience not only in marketing, but also in creative product evaluation. Fragrances and their formulas became his life’s mission and the sphere of his expertise. He has always felt the urge to create something unique. When Helen became Serge’s wife and business partner, the couple created the M.INT brand and launched a luxury perfume collection that conveys their vision of aesthetics in the perfumery art. Serge’s utmost desire is to create. He considers it to be his most important mission.


Helen Mints


Helen has always been closely connected to the fashion world. She was lucky enough to try her hand at fashion art as a child. She learned from her father, an innate fashion designer. She studied shoe design at the university and founded her own clothing business. When Helen married Serge Mints, she started to work in the perfume industry and devoted herself to it. The passion for knowledge and perfection urged Helen to continue her studies at Istituto Marangoni, a private school of fashion and design in Milan. Here she obtained her second degree in fashion design. Helen fully expressed her talent and her desire to create in her own perfume collection by M.INT. Indolence is what Helen hates most, that is why she is working hard to ensure the development of her brand in other fields as well, such as accessories and clothes.

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M.INT Parfums Discovery Set M.INT
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Flight Mode M.INT
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Hit the Mark M.INT
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Irisation M.INT
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Joking Aside M.INT
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Neon Night M.INT
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Pitch and Toss M.INT
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Rainy City M.INT
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