Ex Idolo perfumes are the scent of 2010s Mayfair

Posted on November 23 2017

Ex Idolo perfumes are the scent of 2010s Mayfair
Emerging from the heart of London in recent years has been a certain cult brand that we are delighted to be able to feature in our collections here at Scent City. Furthermore, when we say ‘feature’, we mean that both of its desirable fragrances are available from us at competitive prices.
The Ex Idolo perfumes range is the creation of Matthew Zhuk, whose remarkable fragrances are hand-bottled in the Mayfair area of the capital.
There’s a deeper association with the capital than you might think
London may today be a throbbing and ever-bustling metropolis, but its debonair heart remains intact, and the link of Ex Idolo perfumes to the most expensive property square on the London Monopoly board is far from a matter of geographical accident.
Indeed, the most recent addition to the Ex Idolo selection of fragrances – Ryder – very much plays on the history of the members’ clubs of St James and Mayfair. With its juxtaposition of sweet tobacco and aromatic esters against a warm woody-amber accord, anchored by an ultra-rare and sparkling Omani frankincense, it is a perfume evocative of the exclusivity of such clubs.
However, nor is Ryder fairly described as a mere throwback to a time long gone. Such clubs do, after all, remain alive and well, and while many of them may have long only accepted male members, it is now becoming increasingly customary for women to be invited as well. It is in recognition of this that the distinctive character of Ryder has been enhanced with a heady, royal jasmine note.
Alternatively, acquaint yourself with the old classic
The oud that debuted the Ex Idolo brand in 2013, Thirty-three, is not just any oud. Indeed, it is a fragrance comprising some very special ingredients. Its soul, however, is built around a vintage oud distilled in 1980 and aged right up to the moment of the fragrance’s release.
Beyond this, Thirty-three sets itself apart from other modern perfumes with its use of a significant amount of wild-harvested Chinese oud oil and natural Chinese rose oil. The result is a deep and dark unisex fragrance that is surprisingly soft and velvety, but which also sports dry and cold facets.
The pattern is clear, of fragrances that are undeniably innovative in the context of the 2010s, but which also pay homage to classic methods. Choose Scent City as your online source of the Ex Idolo perfumes that will transport you to the heart of sophisticated and cosmopolitan Mayfair. 

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