Just how good is a £132 perfume? Very

Posted on December 11 2016

Just how good is a £132 perfume? Very

I’ve always wondered just how good those really good luxury perfumes are – the ones you’ll only find in boutiques and top-end London department stores.

Neha from Scent City, a London-based online niche perfume and home fragrance boutique, kindly offered to send a few samples for me to review. It’s a little hard to choose a perfume online but Neha knew exactly what I’d like after explaining my favourite notes. She helped me choose a few great scents that I would love.



I love fragrances that are elegant, feminine, gentle with a lot of sexy! And Hedonist Cassis, Rose Chic and Tubereuse 2 are just that.

Rose Chic by Hayai Parfums Paris 

Perfect for the classy and oh so very chic summer days in Paris. This is a selected real rose floral fragrance made from pure rose absolute.

I judged this floral fragrance too soon and thought It would be too flowery, but it’s actually beautifully balanced. A very sweet but fresh summery scent that lasts for hours. It’s a stronger scent than Hedonist Cassis but not too overpowering. Definitely a good choice and of a high quality. This one makes me think of Carrie Bradshaw’s trip to Paris!

Rose Chic’s ‘Fragrance Pyramid’  breaks down like this:
Head note: Mandarine Orange, freesia.
Heart note: glasses rose, Lily of the valley, magnolia.
Base note: sandalwood, white musk, crystal amber.

Perfumers: Nabokov Hayari
Conception: Paris, France

Sample 2ml £5.00
Bottle 100ml £132.00

Would I pay £132 for a bottle of Rose Chic? Don’t tell my bank manager, but yes!

Hedonist Cassis by Viktoria Minya


The Hedonist range is just so stunning! They are presented in gorgeous glass bottles filled with hundreds of genuine bohemian crystals that sparkle! The Cassis scent is very gentle and light. It’s a sweet fragrance and the base is very musky. It’s glamorous, elegant and youthful and would be the ultimate special gift for Christmas. And Ps) You must check out these perfumes’ bottles!

Hedonist Cassis’s Fragrance Pyramid is:
Head note: Grapefuit, rhubarb, black currant.
Heart note: Bulgarian rose, grass
Bust note: cedar, musk

Perfume: Victoria Minya
Conception: Paris, France

Sample 2ml £6.00
Bottle 45ml £126.00

Would I pay £126 for a bottle of Hedonist Cassis? The price tag is a good deal more than a mainstream brand of perfume you’d find in Debenhams or Boots, but you really can smell the difference. It’s a lot to justify on a single bottle of perfume, but that fragrance is just so glamorous and elegant.


Tubereuse 2 by Hist Oires de Parfums


“Mistress of the night” – During the Renaissance it was absolutely forbidden for young ladies to walk into the gardens for one reason: the amazing, erotic power of tuberose!


A stronger, erotic power scent. Think of erotic, think of Mistress. This is a night-time scent for all erotic ladies! A very sexy, slightly floral and expensive scent.

Tubereuse 2’s Fragrance Pyramid is:

Head note: tuberose, tangerine, cherry
Heart note: tuberose, jasmine, tiara, frangipani
Base note: tuberose, patchouli, blond wood, vanilla

Perfumer: Gerald Ghisian
Conception: Paris, France

Sample 2ml £5.00
120ml £125.00

Would I pay £125.00 for a bottle of tubereruse 2 ? This is one for your man to buy you…

Lots of love

Kimmie xx

This post was kindly written by Kimmie Rose.


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