Some Scent City Samples

Posted on January 11 2017

Some Scent City Samples

Now I’m not one to turn down perfume samples, especially when the collection of perfumes on offer included some incredibly luxurious and niche brands. I quickly accepted and a small package arrived on my doorstep the next day. Now THAT is customer service!

Scent City’s mission is to bring some of the more exotic and worldly perfume brands to the general public, with niche scents and high quality ingredients and brands. They enforce strict guidelines for products, ensuring that only the most well made, well thought out scents make the cut – as well as ensuring quality manufacturing standards. Basically, if you want a luxury, well put together fragrance, Scent City are your guides.

On their website, Scent City have divided their scents up into sections, each representing a modern personality. These include Ms Romance, Ms Seductive and Mr Tough. I decided to choose two from Ms Seductive and one from Ms Sophisticated.

Starting with Ms Seductive, the fragrances I went for were Alahine (flowery oriental) and 1876 Mata Hari (exotic courtesan) – both of French creation. I will start with Alahine was it my favourite of the three. A sweet, vanillery scent that actually reminds me a lot of my recent trip to Bali. The scent is like walking into an oriental ice-cream shop, if you can imagine that? Probably not for you if you like your scents a bit muskier, but for me its an absolute winner!


The 1876 was, on the other hand, a little hit and miss for me. It was just a little too musky on my, but on my little sister at was actually quite pleasant. Weird how perfumes change on different people, right? I think my main problem is that it reminded me a little too much of my Dad’s Gucci cologne but if that’s your jam then that’s brilliant! I might be giving it a miss, though

The Ms Sophisticated scent was Peety and it absolutely fascinated me as it claimed itself to be revolutionary as well as having ‘its full potential triggered by ten drops of one’s own pee.’ Wuuutttt? I’m disgusting so was absolutely hooked by the idea of it. Sadly, I chickened out of putting any of my piss anywhere near it, but on its own the scent, too, is a little musky with a cinnamon spice that was delicious. Maybe one day I’ll man up and unleash the beast but for now I’ll take my Peety straight thank you. Again, a little hit and miss but lovely if you’re a musky kind of gal!


Despite the scents not really being my cup of tea I loved the way the site is set out and the fragrances categorised by personality. I also love how in depth all the perfume descriptions are, giving you every single tone and undertone so you can match it up with your own perfume preferences. It’s so nice to see a collection of scents that are just as lovely, but aren’t the Chanel and Marc Jacobs that are everywhere. I’lld definitely be going back for gifts and maybe the odd treat yo’self!

Do you have any outside-the-box perfume loves?

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