Cri Du Kalahari

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Ella K Parfums


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Tribute to the baobab surrounded by woody spicy accords.

Despite being the largest sand desert in the world, the Kalahari boasts a truly luxurious flora thanks to the omiramba, the ancient river beds that still provide a source of precious water. As the sun goes down in the evening, ceding its place to a star-studded canopy, the Bushmen’s legend says that one can hear the stars calling.

This perfume is inspired by the monumental baobab, an ancestral symbol which carries all the history of Africa in its thousand year-old trunk. Its woody notes are almost palpable as one traces one’s fingers across the ribbed texture of the bark. Thanks to the meticulous assemblage of sandalwood, cedar and a touch of patchouli with a dusting of green pepper, this fragrance is a bewitching invitation to sample the fascination of the arid sands of the Kalahari.

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Green pepper, Cedarwood
Heart notes: Baobab, Olibanum, Iris
Base notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk

Perfumer: Sonia Constant
 United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2019

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Ella K Parfums. Based on Ella Maillart, Karen Blixen and Alexandra DavidNeel, three female explorers from another time, who have inspired generations of women since their exploits nearly a century ago. ELLA K, our fantasy heroine, is to be counted among such women. Without ever being the incarnation of her creator, she is nonetheless born of her imagination. Freed from the constraints of time and space, she recognises no limits or boundaries to her explorations. She is in ceaseless search of the ultimate interior journey, to meet with strangers and attempt to discover that distant state that exists elsewhere. She is one of those precious souls who love the unknown, without fear or reticence, with no preconceived ideas, and with an unshakeable faith in their instinct. Comforted by the example of her distant precursors, she chooses to write her own history, leaving in her wake the constraints and conventions of others. Adventure is her religion, Liberty is her extravagance.

Founded by Sonia Constant & Olivier Gagliardi. Olivier, as someone who is both determined and impulsive, has never been one to forgo his dreams. Thus his fascination with perfume, travel and photography, married to his enormous curiosity in everything the world can offer, propels him into a perpetual search for something original, wherever it may be. He had the great fortune and enormous pleasure to make the acquaintance of Ella Maillart. This changed his life and led him down the path creating this exciting and relevant brand. Since when, the work of this most accomplished lady has been a constant source of inspiration. And perfumes? It would appear that it’s a family affair from which he has had no desire to escape. It is only natural that, being surrounded by perfumers, he should immerse himself into such a captivating world. As far back in his professional career that he can remember, he has always been rubbing noses with the world’s fragrances. Backed by an extensive experience in raw materials and with an inextinguishable passion, bringing Ella K to life has been carried out with unrelenting enthusiasm.

Sonia Constant

Very few of today’s perfume houses have been created by women; ELLA K is an exception. Perfumer and creator for the big brands at Givaudan, Sonia Constant pays tribute to assertive women with ELLA K.

"ELLA K is a state of mind. It is a way of looking at the world differently, it is the search for beauty through poetry. It is to dare, to explore, to push back the boundaries and discover who you are. "

Ella K Parfums | Camelia K | Scent City