Rancé Impériale Discovery Set

Rance 1795


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The Rancé Impériale Discovery Set is the perfect way to introduce yourself to a timeless collection of fine fragrances. Depending on availability, your set will include a mix of branded and non-branded sample vials. Each vial contains 2ml of juice.

For Her:

  • Eugenie, Helene, Elise, Josephine, Hortense, Eleonore, Laetitia, Desiree

For Him:

  • Le Vainqueur, Heroique, Francois Charles, Le Roi Empereur, Triomphe, Sharisme Incense, L'Aigle de la Victoire.

The Standard version set includes the samples with blotter strips inside a white satin pouch.

The Deluxe version set includes the Brand Discovery box with the iconic Scent City ribbon, Coffee beans and blotter strips beautifully presented, making it the ideal gift for someone to discover these fragrances.

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      RANCÉ 1795 is a Maison de Parfumeurs with a unique tradition. Born to a family of glovers, François Rancé founded his Parfumeur workshop in Grasse in 1795. A favourite perfumer by Napoleon, François revolutionized the art of perfumery by creating fragrances of timeless excellence. Subsequent Rancé generations continued to develop innovative fragrances for illustrious figures of their times. Moved to Milan in 1902, RANCÉ 1795 historic HQ houses a Perfume Museum featuring vintage products, archives and the Rancé collection of objets d'art. Today, the 7th generation is carrying on the family's traditional craft, inspired by ancient recipes, selected natural ingredients, passion and creativity. They produce iconic contemporary fragrances which make RANCÉ 1795 ever more unique.

      Giovanni Rance


      Giovanni Rancé is the 7th generation heir to the celebrated dynasty of Maiîres Parfumeurs established in Grasse since 1795. Grown in the creative atmosphere of his family’s “perfumed universe”, Mr. Rancé was soon able to master the secrets of the Rancé tradition. A degree cum laude in Economics from the famous Bocconi University, together with the experience gained in Finance and a strong passion for Art, enable Mr. Rancé to give a new interpretation of RANCÉ 1795: an innovative, eclectic vision. Giovanni Rancé today distils the balance between tradition and the contemporary world by creating scented and artistic masterpieces, which sing the emotions of soul and senses.

      Maurizio Cerizza

      Collaboration - Éléonore, Secrète Euphorie, Reve d’été & Sharisme Insensé

      Maurizio Cerizza has lived among essential oils since he was a child. In fact, his father Aurelio directed the EMA (Essences and Aromatic Matter), one of the few Italian companies operating in the extraction and processing of essential oils. His role model during his training was René Ricord, assistant to Jean Carles at the School of Perfume Roure. Maurizio Cerizza signed in 1986 his first success with the female fragrance of an internationally renowned fashion house and in over thirty years of career, he was the author of over two hundred fragrances. For several years he collaborated with the University of Ferrara, as a teacher in the training course in cosmetic sciences and technologies, discovering his aptitude for teaching, and contributed to the formation of some young people who approached the profession. Today Cerizza is a member of the Société Francaise des Parfumers and of the international juries for the evaluation of the fragrant roses of Nantes and Monza.

      Luca Maffei

      Collaboration - Rue de Soleil & Alchimie du Matin

      Young talent of the Italian Perfumery, Luca Maffei began to work as Assistant Perfumer in 2007 in the family company, at the end of his classical and economical studies. Since he was a child, he has always been close to the world of essences, "fascinated by the charm of raw materials and by the mysterious alchemy of their combinations" and decided to explore this unique and wonderful world. Hence, he started an individual training with Françoise Marin, perfumer and former director of the Givaudan Roure Perfumery School in Grasse. Since his debut, Luca Maffei has created a number of important fragrances belonging to brands of Niche Perfumery (Pineider, Acca Kappa, Washington Tremlett, Monte Carlo Perris, Carthusia, Tiziana Terenzi) and Mainstream (Alyssa Ashley and Zippo). He currently works as master perfumer at AFM Atelier Fragrances Milano, a private company founded by his father Marco Maffei, a popular name in the Italian perfume Industry, and Maurizio Cerizza, one of the most famous contemporary Italian noses.

      Rance 1795 at Esxence : 2015

      Credit: Esxence 2015


      Rance 1795 at Esxence : 2014

      Credit: Esxence 2014