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Marlin can be found rolling around the coastal dunes of Kent. Grounded and chilled, easy-going Marlin loves nothing better than to kick back and watch the ocean waves roll in.

The sun is setting over the coastal dunes of Kent, with delicate pastel shades of purple and blues illuminating the sky. Marlin comes alive at this time, waking from their lazy stupor and accompanying the balmy evening with aromatic and woody freshness. Inspired by an exquisite Lavender Oil grown and harvested in a beautiful setting in Kent, this fragrance is designed to surprise the senses with its unexpected concoction of notes. Beguiling Marlin balances aromatic and oceanic freshness with deeper woody and amber notes. 

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Armoise, Bergamot, Thyme
Heart notes: English lavender, Plum, Amber
Base notes: Atlas cedar, Fir Needle, Tonka Bean

Perfumer: Ruth Mastenbroek
 London, UK
Year of Release: 2023

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Ruth Mastenbroek is a brand that seeks to gladden the wearer, raising their spirit whilst complementing and enhancing everyday moments. Fully focused on maintaining excellence, discover a brand that truly celebrates individuality.

Each bottle has been inspired by note-worthy situations experienced by the perfumer. With high ambitions the brand does not follow perfume trends but insists on classic and unique fragrances that transcend time.

Perfumes made in Britain.

Ruth Mastenbroek

A classically trained perfumer with over 30 years experience in the world of perfume and counting. Having created many compositions for well known brands, gained knowledge from some of the best perfumers around the world, Ruth is well placed to create her own collection of scents.

A distinguished individual, previously holding role as the president of the British Society of Perfumers.

Ruth formulates fragrances which allow the wearer to be at one with their emotions. A family run venture, each bottle packaged with love and attention.