Bass Solo

The Vagabond Prince


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Bass Solo is an aromatic tribute to wenge, a wood from central Africa which is prized for its hard and heavy timber, making it suitable for the production of musical instruments that require dense woods for better sound. Wenge is also favored for its beautiful, dark brown color patterned with black striations.

Wenge does not necessarily have an aroma, but being beneficial for music and beautiful to the eye, it inspired the perfumer to extract deep and vibrant accords hidden within.

Bass Solo offers an aroma pitched in the lowest register; its dense melody is composed of a selection of woody notes including soft sandalwood, salty driftwood and a blend of cedars with their comfortable, dry nuances.

Fragrance Pyramid

Top notes: Saffron, Ginger, Lime, Cardamon
Heart notes: Lavender, Fig leaf, Moroccan cedar, Birch
Base notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Driftwood, Opoponax

Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour
Conception: San Diego, USA

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The Vagabond Prince

The Vagabond Prince is an adventurer, a passionate explorer, a romantic dreamer. He stepped out of fairytales, you can find him in the folklore of every nation: the bravest character in a story, often foolhardy in the eyes of everyman, but still quick-witted enough to win. He travels, he fails, but he finds the strength for another fight, and he never relinquishes to anybody the mission of finding his happiness... He is a fabled symbol of human will for development. He is self-made.

Bertrand Duchaufour

Bertrand began his perfumer career in Grasse in 1985. He learned from the senior Master Perfumers at Florasynth and Symrise and shaped during all these years his own approach to Perfumery.

“I had acquired a very specific approach to perfumery, which is that of all the perfumers in the big labs. By becoming independent, by working in my own lab, directly on my formulas, by weighing them, I’ve developed a different approach to perfumery, another way of building my perfumes. My control over raw materials is getting better and better”. - Bertrand Duchaufour.

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