Shaik Discovery Set

Designer Shaik


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Explore the Shaik Palace of Nature with this exclusive sample set. Each sample contains 2ml of juice, hand poured for your pleasure.

Samples include:

For Him

  • Opulent Shaik no. 77
  • Chick Shaik no. 70
  • Gold Edition Man
  • Sochi Onyx Man

For Her

  • Opulent Shaik no. 33
  • Chick Shaik no. 30
  • Gold Edition Woman
  • Sochi Onyx Woman 

Opulent Shaik 77 gives us a scent personification of the desert prince's elegance, masculinity & dignity. The fragrance begins with fresh notes of Lemon & Basil which is then followed by sweet notes of Apple & Cinnamon, finishing off in an amazing mix of Patchouli, Vanilla & Musk.

Opulent Shaik 33 is a celebration of female elegance & sensuality. Her mystery translated with notes of Angelica, heart notes of Iris & Peony portray her elegance, beautifully refined with base notes of Sandalwood, Tonka Bean & Vanilla.

Chic 70 & 30 are lighter scents, Chic 30 takes on a more fruity experience with Passion fruit playing a leading role, whereas Chic 70 maintains its masculinity with Patchouli, Vetiver & Musk base notes. The masters of this collection are

Opulent Gold Man & Woman, mild spicy notes of Pink pepper begin these fragrances, the rose note for Gold Woman accompanied by floral note Orchid and Lavender for Gold Man. Agarwood, Leather & Ambergris complete this luxury affair.


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    Designer Shaik | Scent City

    Designer Shaik is a unique brand that combines luxury and opulence into a theme that encapsulates all the dramatic and mystical links of the desert and recaptures the colourful heritage and culture of the Shaik and Arabia.

    Since its inception the Designer Shaik design concept has become synonymous with the four Palaces of the Shaik:  Palace of Nature, Palace of Fashion, Palace of Jewels and Palace of Instruments, each Palace developing and creating luxury products to an internationally acclaimed high standard. 

    Designer Shaik promotes quality and luxury in every aspect of its business and is committed to creating products with true passion and inspiration.  Our strength lies in our product portfolio and theme across all four Palaces, drawing on the Shaik’s passion and desert heritage.   We represent a cultural, aesthetic and emotional bridge between east and west.  Here, western style and design sense meet the romantic imagination of the east, they fuse and blend to produce luxury goods that are beautiful, delightful and truly unique. 

    Aligning ourselves with major international luxury brands has led us to an ambitious expansion plan aimed at creating a lifestyle option for quality focused clientele in a multi-cultural market.  To achieve this objective our research and development team is constantly seeking new innovations to add to our opulent collections.  We currently have several exciting products that we expect to bring to the market in the near future with many more in the ideas stage.

    Designer Shaik products are made to be empowering, enlightening and liberating.  We are proud to be able to place a limitless dream of romantic, sensual Arabia in the hands of all our customers.

    Mohammed Al Asfoor



    Mohammed has been in the commercial field in Bahrain for several decades and has enjoyed phenomenal success with his hard work, creativity and strong business acumen.

     His most recent success story is the creation of the House of Designer Shaik.  Designer Shaik is the catalyst which has catapulted Mohammed into the global hemisphere and is the brainchild which has allowed Mohammed to pursue his passion for design and artistry.

    The Designer Shaik collection reflects the Arabian culture and heritage of which Mohammed is so proud, whilst at the same time capturing cutting edge technology.  His lavish collection of jewelled fragrances and outstanding retail campaigns have won him internationally acclaimed awards.

    The knowledge that he has gathered over the years from his extensive travels and his naturally inquisitive mind have been the driving force behind the success of the Designer Shaik Empire.

    As the brand has matured and developed, Mohamed has ventured into the field of wristwatches and accessories with a fabulous collection of leather goods, silk ties, scarves and semi-precious jewellery.   

    Born in the heart of Manama into a high profile religious family, Mohammed was educated at the local government school.  He always had a real flair for business and when he left school ventured into many small businesses and industries within the Island of Bahrain.  An avid reader and traveler he graduated from the ‘University of Life’ with flying colours!

    Opulent Shaik Sapphire No 77 - Review by Fragrance Bros