Flight Mode

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This fragrance was created by German perfumer Kévin Mathys to express the unique sensations that one experiences while travelling. That feeling of endless freedom that appear after the plane takes off and starts climbing. Mundane routine switches off once the FLIGHT MODE is activated on our smartphones.

It’s a mode of liberty that allows us to actually look around with eyes wide open, absorb the beauty of the colours and the shades; it’s the mode that helps us find allurement in simplicity and novelty in everyday life. All these sensations are embodied in the perfume FLIGHT MODE by M.INT. Its scent will heat up your curiosity towards the unknown and make you feel all that which comes with a journey to the fullest. FLIGHT MODE shuts off mediocrity and fills you up with excitement

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Lime, Rum, Lavender
Heart notes: Blonde woods, Suede
Base notes: Vanilla, Guaiac woods

Perfumer: Kévin Mathys
Conception: Paris, France
Year of Release: 2019