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Contradictions In ILK


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A scented snapshot devoid of nature; manufactured and mankind only – hard steel, smooth concrete, warm skin. Manmade materials drumming with the pulse of human experience.

Reminiscent of white noise and warm skin – both gently familiar but distinctly other. Powdery iris, gentle musk, warm skin, and chalky concrete enfold the other with delicacy. A touch of saltiness from the matcha creates the perfect counter to the sparkling ginger and kinetic cellophane. Creamy sandalwood, earthy moss, and just the gentlest whisper of mushroom and steamed rice complete this ode to the human experience, both domestic and shared.

Have a look at Human's contradicting paired scent, Nature. Each pair is harmoniously crafted so that each highlights and subdues certain qualities of the other to create a unique third or fourth scent depending on which way round you layer.

Extrait De Parfum, 30% Oil Concentrate. Vegan, cruelty free and ecologically responsible.

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Steamed rice, Chalky concrete, Hint of mushroom, Fresh ginger
Heart notes: Matcha latte, Powdery iris, cellophane
Base notes: Salt, Musk, Warm skin, Moss, Sandalwood

Perfumer: Annabella Fasano-Leslie
 United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2022

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 Contradictions in ILK Perfume | Scent City

Contradictions In ILK Perfumes. A brave, expressive, personal perfume experience.

A brand that want to inspire others to use their perfume to experience significant moments more deeply, to capture vivid emotions, and to help tell stories by engaging all the senses. Perfume doesn't have to be a Christmas gift, a huge bottle you tire of before you reach the end, a footnote in your beauty regime. It can and should be more - express yourself with scent.

Ilk is an old Scottish word with varied interpretations over the centuries, our interpretation is ‘the essence of who you are’. So Contradictions in ILK, is referring to the contradictions in who we are; which is exactly what we wish to celebrate with our collection of layer able scents inspired by human nature.

Holly Hutchinson

Managing Director - To date Contradictions in ILK is one of 5 perfume brands Holly has helped bring to market, including her own brand Memoize London. Holly has 10 years experience behind the scenes of both fragrance production and development, as well as a keen appreciation for the customer experience. With a talent for spotting a good idea, when Annabella approached her with Ilk, it didn't take more than a couple of tête-à-têtes (and Aperol Spritz!) to come on board.


Annabella Fasano-Leslie

Olfactive and Creative Director - Annabella has always worn scent as a way to tell a story and experience a moment on her terms. The concept of Ilk was defined during her time as a Psychology major where she explored human nature, memory, and identity. After spending 8 years in advertising working with leading creative agencies to help renowned global brands define themselves - it was time to make the dream a reality and design, create and define her own. Finding a partner in Holly support this was the icing on the cake

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