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Féret Parfumeur


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Féret Lotion is the preferred choice of elegant women & refined gentlemen.

A 100% natural body lotion with essential oils; thyme, rosemary, lavender and mixed-flower honey. Apply a small amount onto your hand and massage into the different areas of your body. Perfect after a bath or shower. 

Fragrance Facts

Fragrance Notes: Lavender, Honey, Rosemary, Thyme

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Enjoy and experience the secret of French beauty! Féret Parfumeur have been creating their signature products since 1878, offering 100% natural & organic products for face, lips & body care.

The incredible history has left a veritable treasure made up of advertising, old publicity material, catalogues, original packaging and press articles. Since its creation, Féret Parfumeur have fought off numerous attempts to imitate its products, successfully winning all court cases.

Alexis Cabanne

Féret Parfumeur has been handed down from fathers to sons. In 1878, the Féret brothers Lucien & Roger succeeded their father who founded the company in 1865. Now Alexis Cabanne, great-great-grandson has taken up the torch to once again include Féret Parfumeur in the world of high quality cosmetics.

In 1975, Mme Féret ran the company with her husband below, Etienne Vannier, up until 2011. Etienne was able to permanently establish distribution in pharmacies across France.