Ombre Musquee

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Jean-Charles Brosseau


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A fragrance of undeniable sensuality.

This essence of musk is where sensuality finds its warmth in the floral notes of night jasmine and carnal lily experienced on summer breezes by the Mediterranean.

Spices also bring their radiance, playing on their duality of freshness and warmth with cinnamon and pink pepper. Finally, gaiac and sandalwood soften the base notes like sun-warmed skin bathed in a sea of smooth, bewitching white musks. 

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Mandarin, Pink pepper, Apple
Heart notes: Cinnamon, Peach, Violet, Tonka Bean
Base notes: White musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Leather

Perfumer: Jean-Charles Brosseau
 Paris, France
Year of Release: 2024

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The brand has placed great important on the principles that have made Paris a synonym for elegance and exclusivity. By creating artistic works full of character, personality and ingenuity. Jean-Charles Brosseau aims to astonish and bring joy.

"The Brosseau style is comprised of small details that seem simple, yet appeal to women and prove to be eternal. Beyond the passing trends, his fragrances are timeless, as quality and elegance do not require flashy finery. The main goal of Jean-Charles Brosseau is to create highly qualitative fragrances, made of the best components from various world origins. Each fragrance is enclosed in a superb bottle which symbolizes the excellence of the French craft. The packaging's are classic and restrained, and show the refined discretion of the creator."

Jean-Charles Brosseau

In 1955, Jean-Charles formed a fashion house situated in Paris and began his own fashion label. Then, in 1981 launched into the world of perfume with the debut "Ombre Rose", created with Françoise Caron. The scent has reached cult status today, but even when first launched, rapidly became a best seller around the world.

Later on the company partnered with perfumers such as Pierre Bourdon, Michel Almairac, Christine Nagel & Benoist Lapouza.

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