Viktoria Minya Absolute Travel Set Collection

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A magnificent gift set for those who would like to enjoy a selection of Viktoria Minya's ‘Absolutes’ creations in a travel size version. In her words about this collection: The Absolute Series emerged out of my desire to experiment with even bolder, more opulent fragrances. “More is more and less is a bore” – this was my ars poetica. My aim was to push the boundaries of emotion through scent to discover the perfect balance between the freedom to give in to excessiveness, extravagance, and boundlessness while remaining in the realm of the exquisite, the graceful, and the unabashedly sophisticated.”

3 piece consists of Hedonist Absolute, Hedonist Iris Absolute and Hedonist Rose Absolute.

The presentation respects the Hedonistic style of the world wide famous full size bottles; timeless elegance with black & gold theme and their handmade box is fashioned to capture the sleek look and feel of snakeskin leather

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Award winning Hungarian perfumer Viktoria Minya acquired the art of fragrance formulation in the cradle of modern perfumery, the picturesque French city of Grasse.

Viktoria Minya

After working for various perfume houses in the region, she decided to embrace her own talents fully through the founding of her own company and signature fragrance line, for which she cherishes the use of the finest quality ingredients and original creation techniques.

As an independent artist, her creativity is not bound by constraints; Viktoria carefully formulates her creations by following only the inspiration of her heart and deepest emotions. She currently lives and practices her art in her studio in Paris, France.

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