Viktoria Minya Hedonist Discovery Set

Viktoria Minya Parfums


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With fans all around the world, Viktoria Minya Parfums is a must try and must have. Introduce yourself to genuine luxury and escape the norm. Each sample contains 1.5ml of juice. 

Samples include:

  • Eau de Hongrie
  • Hedonist
  • Hedonist Iris
  • Hedonist Cassis
  • Hedonist Rose

    We begin with Eau de Hongrie, this creation pays homage to the world famous Tokaji Wine, from its sweetness portrayed with honey to its exquisite wine bottle shaped casing. Next is Hedonist, not for the faint-hearted with intense rum and commanding tobacco its strength is undeniable. The experience only surpassed by the dry-down smoothness of vanilla bringing all the notes to a wonderful finish. Hedonist Iris, gracefully portrays its use of what is known as the most expensive natural raw material in this world. The pink pepper note energetically introduces the fragrance, followed by the richness of iris and elegant conclusion of cacoa pod. Hedonist Cassis easily mesmerises the wearer, its fruitiness of rhubarb and blackcurrant is followed by a fresh scent of cut grass. Hedonist Rose is made for a fearless woman who embraces her femininity. Starting off with a delicious peach and lemon mix, it is then beautifully dominated with rose oil which is made light by wine and amber.

    The set includes the samples with blotter strips inside a white satin pouch.

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    Award winning Hungarian perfumer Viktoria Minya acquired the art of fragrance formulation in the cradle of modern perfumery, the picturesque French city of Grasse.

    Viktoria Minya

    After working for various perfume houses in the region, she decided to embrace her own talents fully through the founding of her own company and signature fragrance line, for which she cherishes the use of the finest quality ingredients and original creation techniques.

    As an independent artist, her creativity is not bound by constraints; Viktoria carefully formulates her creations by following only the inspiration of her heart and deepest emotions. She currently lives and practices her art in her studio in Paris, France.

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    Credit: Cosmopolitan Hungary, a Divatmagazin - Youtube