3 of the best dating perfume tips for men

Posted on September 07 2017

3 of the best dating perfume tips for men
If you’re the kind of ‘old-fashioned’ guy (are there any such guys left?) who thinks fragrance is something only the ladies should be thinking about, it’s time to think again.


There’s no shortage of evidence of the potentially spellbinding effect that the right scent on a man can have on a woman. One study by the Kinsey Institute in America, for instance, found that ladies who caught a whiff of a man’s fragrance while fantasizing about an erotic experience were made more sexually aroused by the aroma.


However, it isn’t necessarily the work of a moment to select a perfume that’ll intoxicate and thrill your current or prospective lover. So here are some of our favourite informed tips.


Bear the time of day in mind


Your idea of a great date may not always be the stereotypical by-night candlelit dinner – indeed, if you’re going for a walk in the park together during the day, you may fancy something with a fresher vibe that incorporates citrusy, aquatic notes.


You may even swear by a certain night-time aftershave that can also be specified in a lighter version for those daytime dates. If, meanwhile, you intend to meet after the sun goes down, you might go for an oriental or woody fragrance comprising richer, deeper ingredients such as oud, vetiver or leather.


Oriental fragrances maximise sensuality


There’s one especially great reason why we cite oriental scents for an after-dark soiree – there tends to be no better family of perfumes when you wish to up the sensual ante.


Such eau de toilettes – sporting notes of gum resin, wood and vanilla – often hold a lady’s attention in a way that brighter and citrusier options don’t. They certainly have that animalistic edge that subconsciously puts one in mind of human bodies... and we’re sure you know where the night could head from there.


Find a great aftershave – and then get layering


If you’ve tried out our designer scent samples here at Scent City and settled on a certain fragrance that you’re confident will really do the trick, you can optimise its effects by seeking out and applying any coordinating shower gel, body lotion, balm or deodorant that you can find.


Think about it... the time will come for that hotly-anticipated end-of-evening kiss, when your date will lean in and catch a subtle hint of your scent. If you’ve applied it well, it’ll help to keep you in her mind for hours and days after you’ve parted ways.  


Are you on the hunt for the fragrance that’ll enchant your next date? Be our guest – discover the Dr Love Collection that forms part of our Urbanites range, and have fun.






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