What’s the formula for choosing the best perfume for you?

Posted on July 20 2017

What’s the formula for choosing the best perfume for you?

When you see online stores like Scent City that enable you to buy perfume samples from any of an incredibly wide range of often very niche brands, you might feel more than a little intimidated by the task of having to choose your ‘signature’ scent. 

You might even be tempted to just settle for that fragrance you’ve always used... but don’t!

There are plenty of perfumes out there that are likely to enchant you with their smell, feel comfortable for long periods and above all else, hugely boost your confidence. Here are some of the ways to ensure you make the best possible choice.

Familiarise yourself with the lingo

Perfume jargon doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are basically four types of perfume that you need to know, in order from the strongest and longest-lasting to the lightest and most evanescent: Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne.

EDT is the most commonly worn of these perfumes, with its three to four-hour lifespan perfectly sufficient for most women. However, Parfum is the priciest option on account of its concentration of rich and expensive fragrant oils.

How can I ensure a given perfume is right for me?

It’s important to separate the perfume itself from the images that the marketing might conjure up – yes, you might love the celebrity behind the advertising campaigns or be captivated by the packaging, and these things can be as much a part of the experience as the fragrance itself.

However, what you are ultimately purchasing is the perfume, so don’t be afraid to spray it on and see how it makes you feel. Fragrances are such a physical thing that if you immediately like it, the chances are that you have found a great scent for you.

Comparing different fragrances isn’t something that can be done in a rush. To appreciate just one scent’s effect on you, we would advise you to apply it to the warm areas of your body such as your neck, wrists, ankles, décolleté and the backs of your knees. This will enable the fragrance to blend in faster with your own natural oils.

Then, spend a day wearing the fragrance. Does it still feel right even before you go to bed? More importantly than that, does it make you feel amazing? Don’t overanalyse these things – the fact of the matter is that if you love a fragrance, you love it, and may well have found the perfect one for you.

Buy perfume samples from a leading online store

Remember that here at Scent City, we make it easy for you to compare fragrances through our complimentary sample service. All that you have to do is choose eight samples, and we’ll send them out to you, decanted into 1ml sample vials.

When you want to buy perfume samples cheaply and conveniently, with a choice of some of the most interesting niche brands available today, there’s no better first port of call than Scent City.  



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