An Introduction to Scent City

Posted on June 06 2017

An Introduction to Scent City

What is Scent City?

Well, you may choose to see us in many different ways. You may simply treat us as a source of some of your favourite perfumes, such as those of the luxurious Designer Shaik range from Arabia or the Ex Idolo perfumes that are associated with an innovative approach to classic methods.

Another way to see us is as an online store that harks back to the times when scent was a much more tailored experience than that to which many of today’s time-pressed high-street shoppers are accustomed. We hand-select the stocked perfumes in our range to ensure that they contain only the very highest quality ingredients for that irresistible olfactory allure.


So are we ‘just another’ luxury perfume online store?

In truth, many of the stores that claim to offer the highest quality and most suitable fragrances do not take many firm steps to ensure that this is the case.

They may lack the passion that we have for finding those distinctive, niche perfumes that people can’t help but be curious about when they smell them, or the efforts that we make to organise them into categories each representing a certain personality, thereby helping customers to better coordinate their perfume buying.

Such a fastidious and diligent approach has produced a range of perfumes that we think befits an online store seeking to provide an experience slightly above the ‘one size fits all’-type service provided by many of today’s perfume retailers.

It has seen us create a series of collections called The Urbanites, for those who wish to draw upon the indomitable power of scent to project both sophistication and seduction.

As a matter of fact, whether you are interested in a particular brand of fragrances such as Histoires de Parfums, Viktoria Minya Parfums or David Jourquin, or instead would like to embark on your own journey of self-discovery, Scent City may be the only place online where you ever feel the need to shop for fragrances.


Purchase the most luxurious fragrances from the most niche brands

When you expect nothing less than the best from your chosen source of Designer Shaik, David Jourquin or Ex Idolo perfumes, to name just some of the niche brands that we proudly supply, place your next order at Scent City.

With two samples also able to be provided with every order, we can help you to explore our entire range of highly desirable perfumes in a much shorter period of time than you may think!

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