5 of the biggest mistakes that people make with perfume

Posted on June 21 2017

5 of the biggest mistakes that people make with perfume

Wearing perfume is one of the greatest pleasures in life – there’s just something wonderfully decadent about it that can’t be matched by anything else. However, we’re all human and it’s fair to say that we can all be guilty from time to time of committing heinous errors with how we use it.

Here are some of the biggest howlers to bear in mind for your next visit to a fragrance online store like Scent City.

  1. Wearing a favourite perfume too often

We’ve all done it – wearing a particular fragrance for day after day after day, until it suddenly seems humdrum. It’ll probably happen after about a week of overuse, so we would suggest that you make the wearing of your best perfume a once-weekly thing.

  1. Storing perfumes in the sunlight

With light rapidly degrading many of the ingredients found in fragrances, casually leaving your favourite perfumes on your dressing table near the window could result in them becoming useless very quickly. We would instead suggest storing your perfume in cool, dark places.

  1. Rubbing wrists together

As customary as it may be for many people to spritz their perfume onto one of their wrists before rubbing it on the other, doing this with one perfume on a daily basis speeds up the evaporation of its volatile top notes, which may result in a slightly imbalanced scent. It certainly won’t help to extend the lifespan of your fragrance, so it’s best to spray each wrist separately instead.

  1. Mixing too many fragrances

While layering the right fragrances can undoubtedly produce wonderful results, it’s all too easy to combine fragrances that end up working against each other. Indeed, given that even the likes of your shampoo and moisturiser are likely to contain fragrances, getting the balance right between the different ones you use can be a trickier endeavour than you think. So, keep an eye out for products with scents that are neutral or only delicately related to your main perfume.

  1. Wearing a sensuous fragrance for a wedding

Yes, we know what you might have planned for the wedding night, but it’s a bit much for the actual ceremony, especially when you could reserve such a fragrance for a more opportune time together with your beloved. We would instead suggest jasmine or rose-based scents that place the emphasis on romance rather than being overtly sexy.

Keep these essential perfume-related ‘don’ts’ in mind at all times when purchasing those latest must-haves from a fragrance online store like ours, so that both you and anyone else fortunate enough to pick up your scent can get more out of your perfume.  




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