What does your fragrance say about you?

Posted on June 21 2017

What does your fragrance say about you?

What does your fragrance say about you?

A person’s fragrance is a good indication of their personality, as one’s reasons for being attracted to certain scents can reflect a number of important character traits. Perfume was first used as a way to mask body odour, but now that we have deodorant to solve that particular problem the idea of spritzing yourself with a fabulous niche fragrance has become a luxury of self-expression. Men and women everywhere now purposefully select their fragrances according to personal preference and many even feel naked without a spritz of scent in place. A person can spend a great deal of time and money choosing the perfect perfume, which is just as well as they are often judged based on the choices they make! Are you curious as to what your perfume might be saying about you? Let’s find out…



Do you favour aquatic scents with marine and salty notes? Aquatic fragrances evocative of sea spray and windswept coastlines are perfect for dreamers. Those who adore these refreshing scents are often free-spirited, casual and cool, yet elegant and quite intellectual. They tend to be spontaneous and more than willing to simply go with the flow. They are fit and energetic and (unsurprisingly) usually love the water!



If you love spicy, warm and musky notes in your fragrances then you’ll be naturally drawn to oriental perfumes. Contemporary oriental fragrances differ from their traditional forebears but they still hold the same bold notes. If you wear perfumes such as these then you’re likely to be something of a night owl, naturally sexy and unafraid to let your sensuality show. You probably love slipping on a pair of your highest heels and using your perfume as your secret weapon.



If jasmine, gardenia, and lily of the valley are smells you love to look for in a perfume then you’re undoubtedly a floral fan. People who love floral fragrances are usually feminine, friendly and love nothing more than spending time in the out-of-doors. You are probably quite down to earth and likely to boast a fairly carefree nature, while you’re almost certainly difficult to displease and quick to smile.



Do you crave fragrances that smell good enough to eat? Gourmand fragrances are packed full of delicious flavours such as vanilla, almond, honey and chocolate, as well as other sensuous scents likely to put a rumble in anyone’s stomach. Cheeky, bubbly and gorgeous girls who don’t take themselves too seriously are drawn to gourmand fragrances – is this ringing any bells for you?



If you are sophisticated, chic and classy yet love a little drama in your life, then we predict you’re naturally drawn to green fragrances. Those who enjoy niche perfumes in the green family like crisp, ripe and fresh smells that they can pair with staple vintage pieces and a slash of red lipstick. You’ll find notes of cucumber, basil and green tea in green perfumes – distinctive, memorable smells you’ll be drawn to time and again.



Those who like fruity perfumes are undoubtedly a lot of fun. They love colour, experimenting with bold, bright prints and smelling of watermelon, passion fruit and cherries! If this sounds like you then you’ll have been drawn to the fruitier members of the niche fragrance fraternity. Your fragrance choice says you’re bouncy and energetic and that people love to be around you!


Have you now discovered what your fragrance says about you? How spot on do you think the fragrance / personality relationship is? If you’re yet to find your perfect fragrance or be bowled over by something you’ve seen on the shelves of your local pharmacy, you can rely on Scent City to help you find the ideal perfume. Contact a member of the team today.



How fragrance reflects personality and preference

Selecting the perfect fragrance for you can be a time consuming, and, let’s face it, pricey venture, while it can even be difficult to know where to start. Whether you’re looking for a classic designer perfume or a niche fragrance, there are a series of factors you might want to consider if you’re unsure where to begin your search for the perfect fragrance to reflect your preferences and personality. We think that the most important place to begin is with your personality, but then there are also your favourite scents to consider and, of course, the occasion you might be buying it for…


What your fragrance says about you

While it’s obviously important to lean towards perfumes that contain your favourite scents, you might want to consider what your fragrance says about you and your personality. Aquatic fragrances might reflect your ‘go with the flow’ approach to life, while oriental fragrances imply sensuality – if worn with an LBD and a playful grin! If you’re feminine, flirty and friendly, a floral fragrance might be for you. Gourmand fragrances are for girls who aren’t afraid to be the centre of attention, often through their playful warmth and bubbly personalities! Green perfumes will help you give off an air of effortless sophistication, with their fresh, cool tones showing that you value subtlety. Prefer a fruity fragrance? These show that the wearer is fun, bold, and lives life to the full.


Choosing a specific type of fragrance that complements your personality is a great way of reflecting the type of person you are. Try a perfume outside of your usual fragrance type if you want to subvert the impression you’ve previously established. Trying out a niche fragrance is a great way of setting you apart from the crowd – you’re not willing to follow trends, you want to set them.


Favourite scents

If you’ve decided on what type of fragrance you want, now might be a good time to consider if there are any particular scents you like. These steps are obviously interchangeable – if you have a strong preference for a certain scent, start here! Whether you’re partial to vanilla, rose or cherries, choosing a fragrance containing these notes is a fantastic way of surrounding yourself with your favourite smells, all day (or night) long! Search for the scent that you want in your fragrance, and Scent City will find you the perfumes that contain it.


What’s the occasion?

Depending on your preference, you might want to purchase a fragrance for everyday use or a separate perfume for nights out. Choose a sophisticated, sexy fragrance for dates or club nights, and alternatively, if you’re looking to recreate an old memory with your fragrance then try and focus on specific scents that help to evoke a particular time or place for you. If you’re purchasing a fragrance as a gift for a friend or significant other, try to find out everything you can about their perfume preferences whilst of course keeping your present idea a surprise! If you’re unsure about what to go for, it might be best to stick to a subtle, classic perfume rather than attempting to be too brash.


Choosing a fragrance is never easy, but here at Scent City we’ve got you covered. A perfect example of a versatile niche brand is Nobile 1942, with a collection of classic, sophisticated and seductive perfumes. In this world of never ending mainstream scents, Nobile 1942 take extra care by producing and packaging each bottle in house. Using high quality ingredients and natural processes they are the epitome of Italian excellence.

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  • April Brooks : May 08, 2023

    My name is April and diamond is my birthstone which is very complex I love the way you broke down all the fragrance types and personality because I guess I’m as complex as my birthstone because I love them all depending on my mood or is the occasion

  • Alissa Arce: March 28, 2022

    I think I am fruity and bubbly, because I like fruity gourmand erfumes more than floral. If it’s youthful and edible-smelling, and full of life, you’ll find me with that particular perfume.

  • Jocelyn: December 12, 2021

    I think this was helpful. I might be fun and bubbly, because I see that fruity and gourmand fragrances compliment each other too good to not be in one perfume. Also, I can do whatever I want. Now to look up what Niche perfumes smell like.

  • Kaveri: December 12, 2021

    Eau de parfum spray personality 🙏

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