Designer v niche perfume – which is best?

Posted on April 01 2021

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Who can resist a beautiful scent? Splashing out on a gorgeous bottle of luxury fragrance is the perfect treat for most of us. However, when faced with the choice between a designer perfume or a niche fragrance which should you choose?

It’s a good question and as we continue to see a growing desire for niche perfume from contemporary consumers of all ages, it’s worth exploring the difference between the two.

Designer v niche perfume – which is best?

  1. What is a niche fragrance?


If you are new to the term, a niche fragrance is a unique, in-house perfume produced on a small scale and sold through what is usually the company store. On occasion, a niche fragrance may also be sold in a few luxury regional outlets.


This limited availability niche perfumes are sometimes called artisan fragrances.


Why buy a niche fragrance?


So why buy a niche perfume?


Niche perfumes can only be made by artisan perfumers. Each scent is composed according to strict industry principles using only the highest quality ingredients. The perfume produced is unique, rich and superior in quality.


These perfumes are hand blended with natural ingredients. Quality standards are extremely high so you won’t get a product that will irritate your skin or contain sub-standard ingredients.


Buying a niche perfume is a chance to own a fragrance that other people don’t have. It’s an artisan product crafted with passion so you get a richer olfactory experience that will last longer and draw plenty of attention for all the right reasons.


It’s about owning something different that you can’t find on every high street. Niche fragrances are crafted by hand so they cover a greater variety of notes, producing a much wider range of more varied, interesting scents.


Each highly trained artisan perfumer has their own style so unlike mass-produced designer perfumes, you’re getting a one-off, individual scent you won’t find anywhere else.


Niche perfumes are exhilarating, innovative fragrances created with love and expertise to provide a deep, pleasurable sensory experience.


Expert artisan perfumers create perfumes because they have a passion for scent so there is always something wonderful and new to discover from a niche perfumer who takes their time to devise then craft each scent by hand.


It is these enticing scents rather than marketing that earns an artisan perfumer their customers – a principle exercised with great pride within the niche perfume industry.


As a result, when you browse a collection of niche perfumes you have a higher chance of finding one you really like. These perfumes are only produced in small quantities so you’re purchasing a scent that’s exclusive and hard to find with limited availability.


Ultimately, everyone hankers after that special signature scent that leaves an impression as you waft past - with an artisan scent you can achieve that. Best of all, know one else will know where to get it or be wearing it.


That said, designer perfumes are popular and there are plenty of reasons to buy one.


  1. What is a designer perfume?


A designer perfume is a branded scent, you’ll find on the high street in large stores like House of Fraser, Boots and John Lewis. The most well known designer scents come from global fashion houses like Dior, Guerlain and Chanel.


Why buy a designer perfume?


Designer scents are easily recognisable and widely worn across the population. They are easy to find on any high street and can be bought at an affordable price. As a result, lots of people have numerous designer scents they wear on a regular basis.


These perfumes often serve as an entry point before customers move on to luxurious niche fragrance.


Yet designer perfumes are mass-produced, in huge volumes for huge global companies. They must meet the demands of company shareholders and profit margins. Therefore you’ll find predictable, banal scents that smell very similar.


These designer scents are often constructed from synthetic products through profit-led manufacturing where little care is given to the actual product itself or standards of production.


Designer perfumes are produced by machines and lack the depth of scent, complexity of notes or accompanying back story that you’ll find with a niche fragrance.


Furthermore, the grey market means you also run the risk of buying a counterfeit product by mistake. Counterfeit designer perfumes are widely available and purchasing one is a severe disappointment and serious hazard.


These are highly marketed products that have almost lost their sense of being something special because they are available everywhere, worn by everyone and constantly promoted throughout the media.


  1. Designer v niche perfume – which is best?


The truth is each type of perfume serves its own purpose. It’s a bit like debating whether you should shop at ASOS or Harvey Nicks.


If you’re buying a scent for yourself or a loved one you’ll want to splash out on a special, unique, high-quality niche fragrance. If you want a temporary scent to take on holiday or a low cost gift for a friend, you’ll be likely to choose a cheaper designer perfume.


As we all develop a greater desire for artisan products and unique purchases, the market for niche fragrance continues to grow. In fact, niche fragrance has been identified as the fastest growing segment of the global perfume industry.


As we look to the future, we can expect to see more people choosing to wear niche perfume rather than designer fragrance because of its higher quality, limited availability and superior sensory experience.


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    So now Guerlain is a global fashion house? Wow!!! I can understand a fine demarcation between niche and designer, I can appreciate and accept one’s opinion, but wrong facts… No wonder Guerlain is popping up on the majority of ‘best designer fragrances’ lists on YouTube and elsewhere.

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    As a new comer to the fragrance world, and beginning collector, I appreciate your in put, very knowledgeable and easy to understand.

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