Seasonal scents: yes or no?

Posted on March 25 2021

Seasonal scents: yes or no?
When you’ve found your signature niche fragrance, it’s tempting to stick to it all year round. Stumbling upon the perfect perfume is an exciting moment for all of us. After years of trying out fragrances, finding one that’s exactly right for you can make you reluctant to move away from it. Although fragrances reflect your personality, they can also be used as another part of your outfit, enhancing the mood or look that you want to convey. Many Scent Citizens like to find a selection of fragrances that they love, in order to switch them around to suit the occasion at hand. Some days call for fresh or floral fragrances, while nights out might be more suited to your favourite oriental or gourmand perfume. Many fragrance fans swear by changing their perfume based on the season, while others think it’s completely unnecessary. We take a look at the arguments that both sides put forward when the concept of seasonal scents arises…

The role of a fragrance
If a fragrance is worn mainly to enhance the mood or match the atmosphere, it only makes sense for us to wear different fragrances in different seasons. A picnic on a roasting summer’s day makes us feel very different to when we’re stuck indoors in the depths of winter. Winter calls for warmer, comforting fragrances – but we don’t need this warmth in the summer. A bold winter perfume can be incredibly comforting, making those short winter days that little more bearable.

Another common reason that Scent Citizens choose to switch their choice of fragrance with the season is that fragrances tend to evoke certain memories and events. Choosing to stick to a certain family of scents during the summer means that wearing these perfumes will instantly get the wearer in a summery mood – ready to hit the beach, fire up the barbie or spend a lazy day in the park. By contract, spicy, woody winter scents conjure up scenes of snow and Christmas – certainly not what you want to be thinking about in midsummer!

Woody or spicy oriental scents tend to be heavier. In the heat of summer, these fragrances can be almost cloying if applied in the usual way. Fresher, lighter, less powerful scents are more suited to hot days – they won’t become overwhelming and may even feel refreshing. On the other hand, green, fresh summer scents don’t last long in winter.

As we mentioned above, it is the application of the perfume that determines its strength. Winter fragrances could quite easily be used in the summer if they’re simply applied sparingly. Similarly, if there’s a summery scent that you love and want to wear all year round, you can still wear it in winter – just expect to have to reapply it frequently!

Where you wear it
Regardless of the season, most of us will spend the majority of our time indoors. Many of us will be at work during the hottest parts of the day, spending time in air-conditioned lecture theatres or well-ventilated offices. That means that you’re actually spending most of your time in the same environments (with very little temperature change) regardless of the season.

In conclusion, we think that you can wear any fragrance whenever you like. While some fragrances are undoubtedly more suited to days at the beach than freezing winter nights, these differences are not insurmountable. Still, we recommend that you buy a number of different niche fragrances online so you don’t get bored with your current favourite scent!

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