Ex Idolo’s Ryder: a modern throwback to London’s original ‘Clubland’

Posted on March 25 2018

Ex Idolo’s Ryder: a modern throwback to London’s original ‘Clubland’


Few things remain the same as they were many centuries ago, of course, but we can always look back and remember – and as the current selection of Ex Idolo fragrances show, it’s more than possible to coherently blend the finest of the old with the new.


This very much mirrors the transformation that the former epicentres of ‘Clubland’ London – St James’s and Mayfair – have undergone since they first became sought-after residential locations for the British aristocracy.


While it was the 19th century that saw the wealth of the development of the legendary gentlemen’s clubs with which St James’s and Mayfair were to become synonymous, even to this day, such organisations of English high society continue to thrive. Royals, military officers and motoring enthusiasts are just some of the groups that still meet in these prestigious districts in the 2010s.


An urbane and unisex fragrance for 2010s Mayfair


One is immediately put in mind of the celebrated histories of the old ‘Clubland’ institutions with one whiff of Ryder’s juxtaposition of sweet tobacco and aromatic esters against a warm woody-amber accord. It is only the second fragrance to have emerged from the Ex Idolo stable, following 2013’s Thirty-three that launched the brand.


However, while Thirty-three is a surprisingly soft and velvety fragrance built around a vintage oud, Ryder is anchored by a sparkling and ultra-rare Omani frankincense.


Furthermore, while Ryder serves up no shortage of evocative linear notes, it is an unashamedly contemporary and unisex fragrance, in recognition of the tendency for many of the great male-only members’ clubs to now admit women as well. This is signified by the heady, royal jasmine note that lends Ryder its especially distinctive character.


The outcome is a spiced beauty of a perfume that perfectly mixes the finest of the masculine with the feminine, and the traditional with the contemporary. It’s available from Scent City in 50ml, 30ml and 2ml sample forms, the latter also as part of our exclusive Ex Idolo Discovery Set alongside its sister Thirty-three fragrance, decanted for your pleasure.


There’s only one place you need to look – Scent City


When you aspire to that special olfactory allure and the kind of tailored experience that you may have presumed to be lost to history, you only need to turn to Scent City. That applies especially so when you wish to immerse yourself in the premium fragrances of the sought-after Ex Idolo brand.


So, why wait any longer to bring a sample of modern St James’s and Mayfair direct to your door, with a little help from our expert specialists in these most desirable of 21st-century perfumes? 

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