Teo Cabanel - Why Shop?

Posted on May 08 2018

Teo Cabanel - Why Shop?

You have many great reasons to shop for Teo Cabanel with us


Anyone with even the faintest familiarity with Scent City will be aware of our commitment to sourcing the most artfully and fastidiously crafted and composed perfumes from around the world; fragrances, in other words, that represent the utmost in creativity, passion and taste.


How are you supporting that commitment when you shop for Teo Cabanel fragrances from our generously stocked online perfume outlet?


Few perfume brands offer such a distinguished past


The story of Teo Cabanel can be traced back to 1893, when Theodore Cabanel himself began to formulate the prestigious Colognes and Quintessences that were to rapidly win the appreciation of the most elegant fragrance connoisseurs. 


The company was subsequently passed to the founder’s only daughter, who remained responsible for the brand until 2000, dying at the age of 92.


With the mantle having since been assumed by Caroline Ilacqua and Teo Cabanel’s latest official perfumer Jean-Francois Latty, the brand has been thoroughly modernised for the sensibilities of today, while continuing to draw upon many of the 200 formulas that Theodore Cabanel left behind.


No online store appreciates Teo Cabanel like we do


Given our own well-established appreciation for the most impeccable standards of ingredients and manufacture in perfumery, it should be no great surprise that Scent City offers up such a generous selection of Teo Cabanel’s esteemed fragrances.


You may be most intrigued by the mysterious, strong and supple Kasar, for instance, which represents a true oriental purebred among fragrances, with its gradually revealed middle notes of saffron, cinnamon and nutmeg.


Alternatively, it may be the rich and warm Barkhane, Julia with its fresh sparkling head notes of mandarine orange, blackcurrant and rhubarb, or the modern, distinctive and lavish Meloe that provides the intoxicating character you simply must wear this summer.


But we also go further


Should you be in any doubt as to the right Teo Cabanel creation for you, we are also delighted to be able to bring you an exclusive samples set consisting of no fewer than nine of the brand’s highest-regarded fragrances. These include such enchanting options as Alahine, Early Roses, Oha and the recently introduced Lace Garden, Kasar and Jaspe, with each sample containing 1.75ml of juice.


Shop for Teo Cabanel perfumes from our own discerning and sophisticated online store, and you can expect only the highest quality of both product and service, with no compromise.


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