Modern Brocard perfume revives a long-lost tradition of greatness

Posted on May 17 2018

Modern Brocard perfume revives a long-lost tradition of greatness


The association of the Brocard name with perfumery is one that goes back a very long way indeed, having passed through several separate phases.


One would have to look to the early 19th century for the beginning of the Brocard perfume story, Atanas Brocard having then owned a small perfumery in Paris. During an era defined by such larger and more established perfumeries as L.T. Piver and Guerlain, Atanas faced a stiff challenge to make headway in a competitive market, but more was to come for the fledgling brand.


Indeed, it was his Atanas’ son, Henri Brocard, who was to elevate the family name to truly legendary status in perfumery circles, away from French shores. Having married Sharlotte Reve, a Belgian woman educated in Moscow who was acquainted with Russian traditions, Henri opened his soap and perfume business in the city in 1864.


A success story that deserves respect and commemoration


The second instalment of Brocard’s history proved to be much more triumphant than the first, with the company rising to become Europe’s biggest soap maker by the end of the 19th century. The brand even served as official supplier to the Russian and Spanish courts, and produced such memorable perfumes as Flowering and Bouquet of the Empress.


Following the 1917 Russian Revolution, however, Brocard was nationalised and absorbed into the fabled Soviet beauty giant Novaya Zarya, bringing a temporary end to the burgeoning Brocard perfume line.


Now, the legend is back


Memories of the previous Brocard’s fine achievements helped to inspire the establishment of a new company under this name in the 1990s, and it’s fair to say that the current incarnation of Brocard is living up to the old firm’s finest traditions – and much more besides.


Whether you fall in love with the 21st-century Brocard on account of its eye-catching and unconventional packaging, its commitment to affordable, but luxurious fragrance or for that matter, the Cosmogony series commissioned to Bertrand Duchaufour, there can be little doubt that Brocard continues to make a distinguished contribution to perfumery.


What is more, as a customer of Scent City, you can experience the brand’s latest high-quality and diverse fragrances for yourself, including as part of an acclaimed discovery set comprising separate 2ml samples of hand-decanted Sunlight and Moonlight juice from the Cosmogony series.


Why not embark on your memorable Brocard perfume shopping experience today, with a little help from the Scent City team? We are devoted to sourcing the exceptional fragrances that will delight both your senses and your wallet in every way.

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