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Atelier Des Ors. Born of the desire to create sophisticated, alluring and sensual scents, Atelier Des Ors crafts stories on skin, evoking strong emotions and poetic journeys.

"We put our heritage, know-how and French savoir-faire into each fragrance to make a strong statement in terms of olfaction, design and a certain aesthetic that communicates refinement and timeless elegance."

Atelier Des Ors seeks to bring back meaning to perfumery with the quest for perfection in all facets of the creative process. They harness the spiritual connection to the stellar origins of gold symbolising the quest for eternity, and include a sprinkle of this stardust in each fragrance.

Artistic Director Jean-Philippe’s vision is to express a modern vision of refined craftsmanship and art. Developed around his artistic sensibilities, expressed in a quest for beauty and the aesthetic. His dream is to create perfumes that fuse together these elements and to give the wearer pleasure and inspiration at any given moment

Marie Salamagne

Marie Salamagne visualises her creations like paintings, where hues create contrasts. For Marie, a perfumer embodies both the craftsman and the artist. “A good perfume acts like Proust’s ‘madeleine’. It has the power to transport and the emotion it arouses is uncontrollable and powerful. It is an entity in itself.”

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Atelier Des Ors

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Aube Rubis Atelier Des Ors
From £10.00 - £225.00
Blanc Polychrome Atelier Des Ors
From £10.00 - £195.00
Bois Sikar Atelier Des Ors
From £10.00 - £225.00
Choeur des Anges Atelier Des Ors
From £10.00 - £195.00
Crepuscule des Ames Atelier Des Ors
From £10.00 - £195.00
Cuir Sacre Atelier Des Ors
From £10.00 - £225.00
Iris Fauve Atelier Des Ors
From £10.00 - £225.00
Larmes du Desert Atelier Des Ors
From £10.00 - £225.00
Lune Feline Atelier Des Ors
From £10.00 - £225.00